Monday, June 30, 2008

I didn't enjoy Wanted so much as I enjoyed making fun of it. It was essentially both star wars trilogies hashed together, taking place in the USA with guns and an absurd plot, and is apparently NOTHING like the comics off of which it was based.(for instance, superpowers were replaced with guns and adrenaline. The perfect-aim and adrenaline thing was apparently only the main character's ability, rather than that of everyone's). However it got an A+ on visual style and on acting. Well, most of the acting anyway. It is a movie worthy of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

And all the characters were sociopaths.

Addendum: It's ... it's just a proof of concept issue; if you take an awful screenplay, and add great special effects, great acting, and great direction, you still have, at best ... a great rendition of an awful movie.