Monday, January 14, 2008

I bought a guitar. Yes, I bought a Dean XM Vendetta, a fucking guitar!

I'm happy. Very happy. Because it works with my speakers. Which means I can return this horrid $40 pocket-rockit headphone amp that isn't picking up jack.

The next items on my list are a voltometer and a soldering iron. You can't beat $70 for a new guitar, especially if you're just learning... which I am, but I really wonder what that extra loose wire in the pickup(?) does.

Oh the humanity! My 5 years of web comments have been misappropriated by web trolls. Will I ever see them again?
Serves me right for trusting that everything will always be there.

Appreciate the beauty of impermanence ... and will you find a zen koan?

I just think optimism should be wielded with truth ... not as just a cover-up for truth. I'm not bitter ... no ... no!

At any rate, I'm understanding how important it is to ration your time in life if you want to get to everything you enjoy in it.