Saturday, June 24, 2006

un-conscious == LACK of consciousness; it means you're out cold.
sub-conscious == operating below the level of conscious thought.
Just some of the Notable Vegetarians:
(These are just my favorites, really. The full list is much larger...)
Mark Twain,
Ben Franklin,
Leo DaVinci,
George Bernard Shaw,
Henry David Thoreau,
Albert Einstein,
Leo Tolstoy,
Friedrich Nietzsche,
Ralph Waldo Emerson,
Mary Shelly,
Scott Adams,
Dan Piraro,
Berkley Breathed,
Susan B. Anthony,
Mr Rogers,
Dizzie Gillespie,
Bill Ford,
Chelsea Clinton,
Piers Anthony,
Vincent Van Gogh,
Kevin Eubanks,
Michael Eisner,
Bob Dylan,
David Duchovny,
Tom Petty,
Christie Brinkley,
Dirk Benedict, (The A Team!)
Lisa Bonet, (The Cosby Show)
Bill Maher,
Chevy Chase,
Margaret Cho,
Tobey Maguire,
Jude Law,
Tony LaRussa,
Carrie Underwood,
Lenny Kravitz,
Gladys Knight,
Robert Kennedy, Jr.
Victoria Adams of the Spice Girls,
Mel C of the Spice Girls
Dave Navarro of the Red Hot Chili Peppers,
Anthony Kiedis of the Red hot Chili Peppers,
Paula Abdul,
Dr John Harvey Kellog,
Ashley Judd,
Steve Jobs,
Woody Harrelson,
Billy Idol,
Jerry Garcia,
Michael J Fox,
David Bowie,
Kim Basinger,
Alec Baldwin,
Pamela Anderson,
Dennis Rodman,
Gwyneth Paltrow,
Ray mMay, (Denver Broncos)
Eustace Miles, (former tennis champion)
Edwin Moses (Olympic hurdler),
Martina Navratilova, (Tennis star)
Pat Reeves, (Power Lifter, won British Masters for 8 years)
Murray Rose, (Olympic swimmer)
David Scott, (6-time Iron Man Triathlon winner)
George Spitz (Marathon Runner)
Bill Walton (formerly with Portland Trailblazers)
Johnny Weissmuller, (who broke 6 world swimming records as a vegan)
Chris Campbell (Olympic Wrestler)
Andreas Cahling(Weight lifter)
Estelle Gray, (x-country cyclist)
Goose Gossage, (SD Padres)
Peter Burwash (Tennis champion)
Billy Jean King (Tennis champion)
Carl Lewis, vegan, but only when in training, (Olympic Champion)
Marv Levy, (Olympic runner/long-jumper)
Captain Alan Jones, (17,003 consecutive pushups)
Kathy Johnson, (Olympic gymnast)
Killer Kowalski, (Wrestling star)
Jim Brewer, (Cleveland Cavaliers)
Campy Russell, (Cleveland Cavaliers)
Bill Pearl, (body builder, Mr Universe)
Alanis Morissette,
Weird Al,
Stevie Wonder,
the band members of Def Leopard,
Steven Seagal,
William Shatner,
Mary Tyler Moore,
Larry Mullen Jr,
Jerry Seinfield,
David Carradine,
Steve Vai,
Natalie Portman,
Brad Pitt,
Joaquin Phoenix,
Peter Brock,
Steve Perry,
Eddie Vedder, Jeff Ament, and Jack Irons of Pearl Jam,
Paul McGann,
George Harrison,
Paul & Linda McCartney (the whole family, really),
Ricky Martin,
Chris Martin,
Bob Marley,
Peter Cushing,
Hillary Swank,
Alicia Silverstone,
Erika Badu,
Andre Benjamin of Outkast,
Henry Rollins,
Terry "Geezer" Butler of Ozzy Osbourne's band,
Ozzy Osbourne, (but that's after the lifestyle changes ...)
Richard Pryor, (same here, he's dead now, :-( )

and of course,
Ralph Nader.

Sir Isaac Newton and William Shakespeare were also vegetarian, but both also had some relapses.