Saturday, May 20, 2006

Last night, I had some interesting dreams ...

A tarantula bigger than my dog followed me around a weird place where I was with my family. A few everyday people tried to attack/eat me or bring me down in some way (while others were just the opposite, but the bad ones wanted them too), and the spider wanted to jump onto my head - (But it felt much more amusing than a nightmare could ever be!) Then I sprouted wings(wtf?!!), grabbed the spider, flew it to a nearby coast/island, and let it go safely there.

Back at the weird nondescript area, I lose my wings, and after a fun(wtf?!) chase and action 'scene', there were far fewer of these weird people around, I ended up in a conversation with the father of my sister's groom-to-be, and he had his usual smile on, but there was an owl sitting right on his chest looking around, so that it almost covered his whole face -- and if he turned one way, it looked almost like a mask, and if he turned the other way, it became a crouching snake on his head, as if to guard him.

So later on, I'm in bed under my covers, and he just appears standing to my left and drops a long green rattlesnake on me (from a few feet above!) saying, "Try not to move."
My heart pounds as the snake slithers up to my face and brushes by my mouth! Suddenly the snake's rattle brushes by the juevos, (I definitely felt something brush against me, even asleep! - that's when I inhale sharply and thrash for a moment, but I remember it's a rattler, so I stay still again), and it brings the rest of its scaly body up over the back of my neck (like a replacement spine) onto my head to sit in that "guardian" position ... then it positions itself from afar to look at me in the eyes, waiting for me to get up, and that's when I wake up and realize I'm not looking at a snake, but instead the decorative knob of my closet curtains.