Monday, December 18, 2006

Doom Unrated was an unexpectedly fun movie.
Not counting the seeds that were left for a good sequel, there was only one major loose end (Dr Carmack asking to shut "it" off, that he could feel "it." Once again, not counting the possibility of a sequel, I really got the impression that he wasn't talking about the thing growing inside him - even with the possibility of the teleporter, I can only speculate as to what he was talking about.) and one hilarious goof regarding the human genome mapping, but surprisingly neither one detracts from the movie.

It makes the kickass movie list for two reasons:

1.) The movie is littered with many tiny albeit extremely fulfilling easter-eggs and plot-twists.

2.) True, it's a no-brainer guy action flick, but the thematic oppositions represented in the movie are given a good shake in the pop-culture hero portrayal, especially as it relates to humanity&society vs corporate culture, family dynamics vs team dynamics, and virtue&vice vs good&evil vs benefaction&sin (there's the most interesting discussion; the differences between marines that 'transform' and those that, uh ... don't.).

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