Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's not much of a portfolio without server examples and code involving Fourier transformations, Bayes' Theorem, Dempster & Shafer, Turing-level code modularity (for those of you who know GoF design patterns, I'm talking about adapters, bridges, facades, and proxies), Knuth, genetic algorithms, etc. I'll get there. All on one page. One day, one day.

Why Javascript? It has quite a few neat features not usually found together in a single language, and I was only too happy to see it available via the unconventionally-titled implementations Rhino, SpiderMonkey, Jscript.NET, and Jscript.Mono. If you don't know what those are, you're most likely in the majority, and should not worry. But then, if the majority of individuals do know, then ... wow ... These days, a person is just as likely to code a project in C (I hope) as in Prolog, so any opportunity to play with interesting languages is always great exercise.

... And yes, I did create this post as a follow-up to the post ahead of it despite the time discrepancy.

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