Friday, July 14, 2006

Y'know, I just saw that American Idol winner on a car commercial, singing "I get what I want, I go where I please, and that works for me; possibilities!" And I admit, the song was fun and high-energy, but I just thought, "How could he be so obtuse as to sing that crap?" He should fire his agent or the car company should fire the employee who decided those lyrics would be great marketing.

Pardon: I've just seen enough earth & society videos to brainwash a consciencious objector into the green party's devoted hitman; enough to turn an athiest into Gaea's preaching zealot.

Save your cash, use it for funding research projects, green-science, and charities. Will someone finally start forcing people to vote in elections before they're allowed to vote in talent competitions?!

By the way, debt is how the new economy takes your individual power away from you.

Basically, the idea is that you get provided with opportunities to spend your money; but you don't have enough, so banks and credit companies use the money they stole from the poor to fund your outrageous lifestyle, at which point you become one of their indetured servants, but since you don't want to become one, you buy more - and that chain does stop somewhere; two places in fact: third world economies and the world's ecosystems. For the sake of all purity, these aren't new! They were known as repression, indentured servitude, classism, slavery, overtaxation, over-industrialization, pollution, and they've been around for millenia! They're as old and dumb as dirt. People say they're better than everything else, but that's because almost everything else sucked, and a bunch of idiots convinced us that ideas of more fluidity that allowed both individual and society to thrive as equally separable and unseperable beings weren't possible. They're possible. For the love of God, even this whole universe is based on that duality; particles and waves. Can't have one without the other.

Despite the atrocities inherited from the Romans, the Catholic Church had one thing right: loan sharks and high-interest rates are damnable sins. And so is the legal equivalent; attack by frivolous lawsuits, which amount to the same thing by taking away power and creating indentured servants for the banks who help pay for it.

Doesn't it make you wonder? Of the world's greatest powers, pharmacy companies, 1st-world banks, credit companies, oil companies, cellular comanies, why is it we don't see more research into real earth-friendly technologies? It's true there are many, many wonderful new Earth-friendly technologies on the horizon; but there can be much more. Is there anyone working on modifications of the Star Wars project that would prevent a nuclear bomb from going off? neutralizing a bomb vs blowing up off-target are two very different things. Or how about self-powering ways of sucking up pollutants in water and air? They exist. They can be deployed, and should.

And you know, with the power that mathematics as a science wields, why is it that the fast food companies, each of which make enough food to feed the entire world daily, don't utilize simple time-based probability statistics to save food that will most likely not get eaten, re-freeze it, and ship it off to a third-world country for free distribution?! There are a lot more ideas and ways of solving the world's problems all right under our noses on a daily basis that we hardly see. Open your eyes.

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