Friday, July 21, 2006

With some embarassment, I realize that I have never posted a link on this site about its javascript innards, even though one of the two primary reasons I created this site was to showcase my competency. Thus, I humbly submit for your reading pleasure, the Heart of Nothing Spoken, formatted in color syntax. It gives you a taste of what a template system can do with an excellent yet neutered programming language. (Also available here in post-processed form.)

I'll be altering the topmost link so that it links to the archive rather than to my profile - I may have a better place for the profile link, anyway. Now as for that menu of buttons that don't look like buttons, well ... I'll have to tweak them just a bit, too. All this, of course will be done after I am finished with the last of my coursework ... which will be in less than two weeks!

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