Thursday, July 13, 2006

Minibosses, Minibosses, MINIBOSSES!
Fuck yeah!

The only real downside was the three hour wait, even though the newlyweds bailed out on us without saying a word, but their combined sleep schedule's so topsy-turvey, I think they were TKO for the night, so it's all good. We waited three freakin' hours before Minibosses came on: we had to agonize through three horrid bands ... well, the men in white were fun, but that sound guy (who was incredibly good with the soundboard otherwise) forgot to take off his ****ing earplugs (we should have brought some, too! You could hear everyone playing from inside a car a BLOCK away!) and blasted us all out with the FUCKING high-pitched gain-distorted guitar sounds! That really fucking hurt! It was so bad that we spent most of the time sitting out in the lobby talking with some friends from the U - I ran into another Computer Science alum, and Mike and I met up with some media arts majors and grads that we've run into so many times in the past it's ridiculous, so we six just held a section of the lobby and a small portion of the front in the over-21 area the rest of the night :-D - it turns out they're running a vg talk show over at, and their trailer looked pretty damn slick!(They brought their trailer with them) So Minibosses finally got on stage at midnight, and brought the heart & soul with 'em! They kicked ASS! We were going to get 'em to sign the CD, but by 1:20am, they were finishing up, and all the other bands were getting back onstage for a 4-group collaboration, at which point both Mike and I were so tired and have things to do today since it's early morning now! It was time for us to exit stage-left and beat the crowd! So we did, beating the rush, and slamming home at 1:35am or so ... Club Congress is on the far west side, and I live on the far east side of town -- and Mike got home crazy fast, too! It was really weird ... the fact that I"m typing all this and it's only 1:50am! So good night to ya all, and rock out! Peace!

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