Wednesday, May 03, 2006

You are the part of your mind where you spend the most time.

Knowing this, I realize I've been working at lightening up ever since I've had trouble being light-hearted - which is quite some time.

I still pray.

I can't really offer truth -- I can only offer what appears true to me; I started it to help others, but now it's helping me.

I don't know what will change, but it's necessary - I need it, and it is coming closer day by day. The climbing is done, the cliff face slopes from here and there's a luxury car and a clean-paved road at the top; it's the path off this rock.

I walked out past my front entryway half an hour ago and stopped, looking straight up into the night sky, as if diving upward into the violet sea of stars. I instantly relaxed, transfixed by the clear view of heavens as they appeared thousands of years ago, and a shooting star zoomed across the sky as if summoned; I then made *the* wish.

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