Wednesday, April 26, 2006

:-) Here we go again.
4 years ago, I made an online presence detector based on AOL's useless sidebar graphics and their not-so-useless detector command -

It wasn't made for myspace; they block most URL references that refer off-site, and I couldn't really care less -- it's their site; they can do what they want.

Now, that would be good if it were the end of the story -- but it's not.

I can barely do jack with my myspace account now except message people -- for the moment I can't even alter my profile -- I'll probably just delete and start from scratch.

And I think I'm getting hassled because either simply has some seriously buggy server code (not surprising since they're not using xmlhttp or rails or anything that cuts down on server-side errors that I can see except an elegant 5-6 year-old API written in client-side javascript.)

--- or they think I made Who's On Myspace, simply because that web service happens to use my modified AIM sidebar which is freely available! I didn't make any dang web service! I don't even have that much time, and won't until I graduate in three weeks.

So, just a reminder - I'm not -- props to them for thinking of the service, and I'm sorry to hear that they can't get their code working -- (maybe when they ask to be a REGISTERED third-party service, eh?)

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