Thursday, March 09, 2006

I'm baaaaaaack.

Suggestion of the day:
Discover Time for the very first time.

Then be pretentious and attempt to give wisdom in the form of witty aphorisms that don't actually make sense unless you already knew what they meant.

Life Lessons will now continue with the same attitude they originally had: light-heartedness mixed with a grain of truth and dare. (yes, those boxes up there are actually buttons.)

Conversational snippet of the moment:
"Man, you sane people are really f***ing crazy!"

Really. I want to tell people not to play frogger with their cars, to never treat times of stress as subconscious opportunities to release that tantrum the inner-child has been practicing, to never take the small stuff seriously, to never forget that we all have expiration dates, to never forget that someone stood where you stand now, said what you say now, and said it a lot better than you do now -- but therein's the point: it's been said before. So life lessons continue, but remember that everyone has drama in life; it's the least-original, yet most-often duplicated. Don't waste the time dwelling on it, man. There'll be time for that when you're dead ;-p

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