Monday, March 28, 2005

On Meaningless Matters...
You'd think there were some things so easy to understand that anyone could apply them. If you're actually right, then optimism is not one of those things.
There's finding a bright side to anything, and then there's categorizing people and things into good or bad, regardless of intentions or results, simply so that these "optimists" can ignore the 'bad' stuff.

The latter also show up often as loudmouths, people who cut you off because they 'already knew what you were going to say', those afraid of trying out new things because somehow they've managed to connect it with tempting the devil with their soul... yes, even people like that still exist.

Everything from Modern Medicine to Multimedia comes with a balance: you can choose to ignore them, to try and get the most from them, or to simply investigate for yourself - and if you do research, I commend you, but be careful: there are always multiple angles to any story, no matter what your research tells you.

Do come to me with your opinions. I love opinions. Don't come to me with idiocy. I hate idiocy, and I hate loudmouths. I will respect your views. I won't bite, but if you're going give me your opinion, then tell me it's your opinion.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, strike up a chat with me if you wish.
I will be brutally, but faithfully honest, from now on.