Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Run amok, ye who enter my domain! It is of nothing spoken, for all is explained! No sound! No speech! All is expressed for All to see.

When one side says yes, another says no,
And the sad truth says the answer's twenty-fou',

You see in the mind, not truth but "facts", more oft than not -
When humans debate, such is the plot;
boil down translations and the crowd still roars. What still remains when you set all aside? The same bottom line, sung on both sides:
"My facts
              Are better
                              Than yours."

Science is a process - a method of understanding, describing, enhancing, and always further developing our knowledge and applications of the Laws of the Universe. We will never fully have a true Law of the Universe.(erm, well there may be divine intervention on that topic one day, but until then...) All we have are approximations. Even when we do have a fully unified system for all of Science, it will be a theory. Why? BECAUSE A THEORY ISN'T A HYPOTHESIS. IT'S A WORKING DESCRIPTION OF SOME ASPECT OF REALITY! IT'S NOT the same as the word used in polite conversation, and that's something that some people don't get.
Case and Point:
Einstein's Theory of Relativity encompasses (and can calculate to a higher degree of accuracy) Newton's Laws of Physics. How interesting. (They aren't really laws) And Einstein found the key that shows the beauty of how such an incredibly accurate system as Newton's can be derived from one single, powerful equation:
E = mc2

So what's my point? Don't look for your facts; look for the facts, and look for all opinions. Ask "them." Ask about "them." Talk with "them." Your "side" doesn't mean jack if you don't know who or what the "other side" is.

Remember: Nothing is certain except death and prime numbers. So it is written - abre los ojos.