Friday, April 01, 2005

March Madness to April Fools: Back to Work
I got up, washed, chugged some soymilk, took some medication, harnessed the dog, (Leashes suck. I don't like pulling living creatures by the neck.) and we were out the door and under the windy April Fool's Sunshine.
I had my headphones on, listening to music from the early internet mod-tracking scene about '95-'00 .
The track on the cd changes to "Tangerine Fascination" by Necros/Andrew Sega.
(If you want to listen to it, I would've originally mentioned the Andrew Sega Shrine, but it seems to be down right now. Instead, you could try the Modarchive and search by author under Necros to get Andrew Sega's pre-2001 songs. He went commercial after that, and spread himself out on far too many cds and compilation works, in addition to his own cds. At any rate, Winamp will play modfiles, but I suggest Modplug Player)

So the song starts playing...
And I enjoy myself. I realize that regardless of my silliness, regardless of my success and mistakes, I'm back in the groove of life.

I thought about my younger years, when I sympathized with Peter Pan about not wanting to grow up ... one of my favorite songs back then ;-)

Now I realize that you never need to grow-up ... you simply need to sympathize with others, and manage your life before your life manages you.
So -
I'm back on track.
I may graduate sooner than I realized, maybe even in Spring '06.
I've got enough time now to devote to my classes and work.
I'm attempting to befriend new and fun people who actually have valid opinions far different from my own.
I'm having fun.

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