Friday, April 01, 2005

The Adieu. You knew this was coming.
This is it. This is goodbye. (To blogging.)
Only now do I understand both Katie and Netshade.
Only I have less to show for it. ;-)

There are more ways to have fun. Many more. Do I remove the blog? No. I've put too much useless energy into this, but it's energy all the same. I have many other projects to work on. If you ever see a new post here, it will be a great story, or someone else's story that I had to share, with proper permission.

Blogs are wonderful resources, but there are other means of writing and typing - no need even for a computer. I never use the grammar-checker, and rarely use spell-checkers anymore - when I do, I use google and could just as easily use a dictionary. All the rest regarding scripting, databases, and server-programming are things I can do elsewhere, from my own servers to those of good friends (Thank you SJ!) to my own php and cgi space at school.

Here are odd musings from the life of a young man, green behind the ears.
What emerges ?
The man who got his act together.

I'm a hyperactive individual with a slow brain. I'm smart, but not wise. I'm hip, but not street-savvy. I'm willing, but sometimes learning-disabled, and I'm certainly not well-read.
- but I will be.
I just need more time.
You know what?
This blog has sucked a lot of my time.
I'm taking it back.
Goodbye, sucker.

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