Friday, February 18, 2005

Updates !

Today is Friday, and it's raining once again, but this time, it's rather enjoyable. I've just finished cleaning the office and have my books ready to go ... if it weren't for the fact that my ride isn't here, I'd be gone by now. But all is well.

Cryptography class is in one hour ... it's funny ... two years ago, my neighbor let me borrow a book on error-coding, but it was way too advanced for me at the time, even though I understood the basics of modular arithmetic and binary operators. One year ago, I took Cryptography, along with too many other classes, without realizing how much time they all would take ... and thus, still didn't understand what was going on...
But this year, I understand it! Two years, and I finally understand this book on error-coding ! It's crazy. ;-)

Just the random thought for the day. At any rate, I'll have more updates later, but there's thunder and lightning out ... so I'm shuttin' down.

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