Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Oh yeah, baby ... Guess who's playin' at my school tomorrow?!
The Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, headed by Wynton Marsalis!

I originally went just to get tickets to celebrate my dad's birthday, expecting to spend a good $66 ... but they had so few seats in trio at good spots (or even cheap spots) that it was either pay a shitload and sit in the far back, or pay $30 more than a shitload and get into the orchestra pit! So ... I bought the three Orchestra Pit seats! ORCHESTRA PIT, baby! RIGHT THERE! In front!

And my dad doesn't even know! (No, he doesn't read the blog, and besides, his compy got fried (literally ... it smelled like rubber tires in that room... :-D ) and he's still repairing it)

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