Sunday, August 08, 2004

Bookman's managers don't always realize, but your customer base is affected by the good will of your floor-employee base.
Specifically, the Bookman's Used Books off of Speedway and Wilmot.
[08/08/2004::12:26:29] Jtoxification: the Bookstore
[08/08/2004::12:26:34] Jtoxification: boycotting the bookstore
[08/08/2004::12:26:36] VashS02: oh the bookstore
[08/08/2004::12:26:41] VashS02: you saw the movie
[08/08/2004::12:26:43] VashS02: thats right
[08/08/2004::12:27:03] VashS02: got jipped on something I presume
[08/08/2004::12:27:05] Jtoxification: telling everyone the skinny guy in glasses that manages the other employees there is a stuck-up, lying asshole
[08/08/2004::12:27:05] VashS02: ?
[08/08/2004::12:27:20] VashS02: probably
[08/08/2004::12:27:22] Jtoxification: we waited 1 hour there ... while Mike's stuff was being assessed
[08/08/2004::12:27:43] VashS02: and the dick dissed me up on posting my flyer toio
[08/08/2004::12:27:52] Jtoxification: when they're finally done, this bastard comes and asks him to fill out a form we never filled before
[08/08/2004::12:27:52] VashS02: I should stick it to him also
[08/08/2004::12:28:11] Jtoxification: so he says, "this is new ... never had to fill this out before..."
[08/08/2004::12:28:27] Jtoxification: the bastard goes ... yes you have, if you've sold to us before... or you should've ...
[08/08/2004::12:28:51] Jtoxification: And we joke about this for a sec (the guy's face doesn't change at all) and Mike says, "I never had to at the other store"
[08/08/2004::12:29:27] Jtoxification: and continues , but the guy says, "Well, if you don't like it, go to the other store, but I promise you they'll do the same thing." Then he motions to the employee, "Give him his stuff back."
[08/08/2004::12:29:47] Jtoxification: Mike says, "What? So you're not going through with it ?! FUCK YOU THEN."
[08/08/2004::12:30:05] Jtoxification: He said this as the guy turned around and walked off... along with the employee
[08/08/2004::12:30:26] Jtoxification: but then he turned around and tried to be a control-freak prick about language, but we walked off with Mike's stuff.
[08/08/2004::12:30:30] Jtoxification: Fucking bastard
[08/08/2004::12:30:57] VashS02: theyre getting to be dicks about stuff
[08/08/2004::12:31:00] VashS02: I know
[08/08/2004::12:31:42] VashS02: all of the employees there seem to be have a hot poker rammed up their ass about things
[08/08/2004::12:31:49] VashS02: at any location pretty much
[08/08/2004::12:32:45] VashS02: I just go to window shop mostly

And we still don't know when or why those new forms came out. Probably just for security and proof of ownership in case of reported theft, but then, that asshole could've told us instead of attempting to deny something so insignificant. He's too wrapped up in his policy, I wouldn't be surprised if he can't even wipe his ass without following some rules.
He was so filled with supressed energy and anger that it looked like he was just waiting for Mike to say something bad. Before we left, he was also trying to spit something about "We're your customer here, and ..."
... Idiot.
I'm back.