Saturday, April 17, 2004

RUDP/IP is almost done. Then I get to start the next Networking assignment right after ! :-p
And I'm going to use C++ once again !

For all of you who didn't know before, I have a weird, yet fun line of cafepress apparel, linked at the top. I do take requests, but the shop isn't much of anything, really. I'm probably going to take it down soon, especially since I haven't been able to post up my programming language themed t-shirts. If anyone knows of a better system to buy/sell your own product ideas on, please let me know. (yeah, like I'm really going to get a lot of answers, but hey, can't ask == can't tell, right ? :-p)
Need a good laugh ? This scam takes the cake
I just finished reading it on slashdot :-)