Monday, April 12, 2004

Note to self: find a girlfriend who loves soaking cork.
Let it be said of me that I bowed down to no one and nothing ...

... unfortunately, that also includes due dates.

Y'know, I'm starting to think that my lil' homebrewed images might make good emoticons ... made this 'un about two weeks ago.

I finally realized what makes me so damn dramatic at times ... Acadamia !
As soon as I graduate, I'll be the happiest SOB on the planet.

And for those of you who agree that I'm a dramatic person, I've got a special place right in the deepest, most sincerest corner of my toilet for you all.

I've found when those same individuals are in similar trials and tribulations, they exhibit the same eerie sense of dramatic humor that sometimes haunts my own thoughts.

Regardless, I'll be taking this class next year ... (again), so perhaps its a very good thing after all, that I do not have a ccw permit.

Last year, my issue was that I wanted to use C++ rather than C, and go all out with the cool things I barely knew about the language, but found fascinating, with casting memory locations into packets, using templates to create socket classes that accepted udp or tcp style from the get-go, and even different packet formats, etc ... But the homework was far easier.

This year, the homework is harder ... and again, at some point, I decided to use C++ ... this time because I actually know what the hell I'm doing. My mistake was time usage.

It's time to use that one-time-only-get-out-of-jail-free-card and contact the registrar office to zero out my class credits this semester. (Thank you, Bilal, for explaining to me how that works. Man I'd be so lost if I didn't know about that.)

Here's an old-school kung-fu movie exercise : BLUDDY FISTU !
You simply practice hitting the wall until your fists hurt and your eyes humidify themselves.

Ye gods. Please help.
Deus Ex Machina ?