Sunday, March 07, 2004

On Drunken and Temporarily Insane Earthpigs who possess unfathomable powers, Lavos and Time Travellers, Manabeasts, Prophecied Thieves and Trickster Gods, Skeleton Men of Jupiter, Patryns and Sartans, Beasts of Cthulu, Psychohistorians, God-Soldiers and Ohmu, Borg, The Wit and The Skill, Wizard's First Rule, Tsurani, Dweomer, The Legions of the Black Company, The Order of Recluse, The Styric Faith, The Belgariad, The DragonBone Chair, The Land saved by White Gold, Childe Harold and the Dark Tower, Shelled Reptile Assassins of Eastern influence, The Hegemon and Speakers of the Dead, Hogwarts Alumni, Daleks, Snow Crash, Wizards of White and Grey, Wintermute AI and Cyberspace Cowboys, Descendants of Shannera, Deveels and Pervects (not Perverts), Nigh-invunerable Madmen wearing Tick suits (who, I might add, are eerily similar to Nigh-Invunerable Madmen wearing Roach suits who follow Drunken and Temporarily Insane Earthpigs who possess unfathomable powers), Deus Ex Machina, Insane Gods of the Forgotton Realms, The Worlds of Otherland and DotHack, Twin Legends of Krynn, Myrddraal, Interplanetary Spies, Stainless Steel Rats, Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons, Scarecrow Kings and wind-up soldiers, The Kin of the Stars, Saiyans, Cross-Galaxy Express Trains, Books of Magic, The Man of Sand and his Sister of Death, The Life and Times of Christopher Snow, The War of Lodoss, Those who are free of Mundania, The Wings of Escaflowne, A Ring of Ice and Fire, The Avatar and the Guardian, and all things that never were, combined with history, science, art, belief, and politics.

For each story, there are many more unnamed, better and worse, old and new. For each history, there is only so much space spent to store such knowledge. For each author there is a web of ideas that sprouted from experience, observation, analysis, and other works. For each work of brilliance, a new way of thinking emerges ... some works are built on the past, while others are built from the void. Some are for profit, some are for restorative justice of the self, and others are born of familiarity. We fill our minds with so much and so little. We fill our dreams with so much and so little. Will fill our destinies with so much and so little. Are you in the Thesaurus, the Dictionary, the Encyclopedia ? Who are you ? What do you mean ? What is your purpose ? What is your life ? Is it also your death ?

Can you tell the difference between derivation and creation ?
What of your own works ?

This post goes out to writers, researchers, inventors, composers, and musicians.

Oh, and if you can name all the authors/screenwriters/concept-originators referenced by their works above, I'll give you a prize :-)