Thursday, January 29, 2004

Website Mixmaster It's a beautiful thing. Dig it.
Online Cryptography/Cryptoanalysis Utilities. Life savers.
The Error of Perception: The people around you are only as good as your perceptions of them :

You may often react and second guess them as you expect them to behave. Instead of using your mind to prescribe another's behavior, try categorizing and observing it, instead. Analyze and apply it to your thinking and, if necessary, to your actions as well. Social groups are costume parties, babe: no one is completely who they appear to be. Often as not, social masks are second skins : the wearer may not even be aware of it. Even more often, masks and skins are survival traits learned at a very early age, or created from trauma, and it may take some definite life changes/awakenings to expose our own skins and ask ourselves which ones are truly worth keeping -- and which fellow mask-wearers/perceptions are worth keeping.