Friday, December 10, 2004

Man. I haven't posted in a while.

Updates are coming. Updates since the end of October, really ;-)

I finished the last assignment of the semester Fall 04 at the U.
Now I just need to study for Finals, and for next semester.

Random Topic #1:
As I walked the sidewalks lining the streets of my neighborhood a week ago, I noticed an impressive concentration of dove droppings on the concrete below the branches of a medium-sized tree... the observation inspired a new, and somewhat amusing life lesson :-D

If you stay away from where shit once fell,
you will less likely be shat upon.


Random Topic #2:
I found a new lovely pseudo-quote from regarding Hilbert's 2nd Problem of contemporary mathematics for the 20th Century: posed in the Second International Congress in Paris on August 8, 1900... the question was this : "Can it be proven that the axioms of logic are consistent?" In other words, can we show, without a doubt that the logic used throughout the worlds of mathematics, carried into science and philosophy is completely infallible ?

And the beautiful, beautiful anwser is essentially "NO," because only a fallacy can rely solely upon itself to prove itself ! So the fact that we are unable to answer it mathematically is an unprovable conjecture that the system is consistent, even though it's nowhere near complete and the system has been proven (in many number theory examples) impossible to complete!

Or, quoted from
Gödel's incompleteness theorem indicated that the answer is "no," in the sense that any formal system interesting enough to formulate its own consistency can prove its own consistency if and only if it is inconsistent.

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