Thursday, September 30, 2004

Trip to Wonderland:

Go to your nearest search engine and type in: "XMLHTTP"

A black spider with the red hourglass mark on the underside of her abdomen has decided to move into our garage. I've taken some pictures and will soon load them up ... but of course, there's also a queue of photos waiting to be uploaded. -- all in due time.

The UA career fair jetted through this week, on Tuesday and Wednesday. I got my resume into a few places. It's always good practice, after all, graduation is closer than you think.

Timewise, I'd say soon-to-be graduates are about to get fired out of a cannon... after all, graduation is always far far away until you graduate, and always "so recent" after you 've graduated. :-D

I've got a new proverb coming up if I can remember it... blurted it out on accident yesterday (As they are usually formulated) before I realized it was pretty good :-D so I can't remember it all that well yet.

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