Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Monser, the fun, free, anime-styled online rpg Ragnarok Online Server is dead. Gravity Corp, owner of Ragnarok Online found out about it and asked the owners to shut it down.

For a while, even I thought that the private servers were legal. It's why I thought they even had names for 'em ... public RO and private RO servers. I don't have too much hatred and animosity towards Gravity. They have to make money, somehow (May their legal advisors get their come-uppance. After all, it could've stayed open as a "shareware" server... they didn't even have level 3 jobs or pet skills or extra fancy shit.) - even though any CS graduate team from my university could make a better graphical MUD (but then, why did I play it ?! Heh. cuz these guys still did a pretty damn good job, regardless.

Chat log and pics coming soon.

Will I pay $10 a month for the real thing ? Doubtful. We all know what happens to those on Evercrack, and that's got many more features than this. Who knows ? It's far too time-consuming. In a way, it's a good thing for me that the server will get shut down tomorrow. But that doesn't make me feel any less pissed off about the hours I put into it without any real payback. It just makes all of the players look like fools. And that's why I hate Gravity.

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