Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Most people have a pretentious streak in 'em ...
After all, why do you think personal blogs are so popular ?

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Today, my sister and I are now 1/4th of a century old!

Monday, August 23, 2004

my "jtoxification" email is now at gmail.com, for those of you who wish to contact me.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Writing exercise #1.

(Unofficially, in the #hundreds, but now I'm counting)

Of Time, Talent, and Judgement

(or “Haughty and Arrogant Letter to an Anonymous Friend”)

I doubt it's possible, but for the sake of your ego, try not to intoxicate yourself with your own talent. A WUI in writing just doesn't look good on your permanent record. While incredibly powerful, neither natural aptitude nor a trained hand are complete measurements of skill.

Were an average writer (if such a one exists) to take a beautiful, witty, and grammatically perfect piece of literature you wrote on the fly in five minutes, and accept a challenge to devote 24 hours in creating one rivaling or surpassing your minute-masterpiece (in some non-existent form of perfect critique), don't you think they could do it? Yes, it's debatable, but if you were both defender and challenger, wouldn't you think yourself capable of vastly improving your own five minute piece in that same 24-hour period?

Is time, then, a more accurate judge? Could a better indicator of excellence prove worthwhile in this form? Certainly not always. The differences vary far too outrageously from case to case. Thus we assume the existence of a higher dependency, an even more important measure of performance ...

Perhaps the ability to critique and measure? I wouldn't even deem it necessary to write this if I thought you (the anonymous friend referenced above, not the reader) had better assessments of skill. While insightful, don't the above arguments regarding time imply (falsely) that any writer can differentiate between what is good or bad, between what is detailed, debatable, or opinion?

Obviously, if we all had such a well developed sense, then time would always be a perfect measure of quality, and never talent. But is this ability enough? Many people know the difference between good and bad, but do not write, and if they do, a large number find it difficult to maintain such impartiality in personal projects. One must also be capable of applying this critique to their own work just as well as they can to the works of other skilled individuals; a task that seems plain in writing, yet deviously harder in practice.

The truth remains that in order to produce something identifiable as quality, you must know what you're doing and put time in it to sufficiently explore the paths you could take it. Talent doesn't replace that; it simply aids and hastens the process. Thus refined, my statement becomes the following: once able to separate the good from the bad, a person may create a masterpiece in any agility-independent field, gifted or not.

PS – Allow me to remind you that all analogies and generalizations break down at some point, so we already know that point exists here: if you'd like to find it yourself, be my guest, but I wouldn't waste such wonderful talent as yours on simple crap.

This essay is subject to change since it's not done till it's done ;-D

PPS - And that, my dear readers, is why the styles of any two of my posts may be completely different. (I'm horrified by the style of my previous post.)

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I don't often write journal style blogs anymore, but on certain occaisions (such as today), it just begs a written account.

Today, I worked hard and played fun.

I woke up at 4:40.

Played Monser-RO for an hour.

Went to my mother's school, Children's Success Academy. Left at 6:45, arrived at 7:15.

I volunteered at the school from 7:15 to 8:45, from sorting and filing students' assignments to cleaning the school's kitchen sink.

I then left CSA, driving to work, arriving at about 9 am. My boss was already in my office with the Belkin Nostromo n52 (or something like that) gamepad out in pieces. The smell of solder was in the air, and there were electronic piano footpedals out on the floor. I saw him hunched over in a chair, in front of Cthulhu, our uber-machine (the one we will attempt to sell on ebay) soldering wires from an ethernet cable to the gamepad. For the next two hours, we (mainly he) created one cat5 port from the side of the gamepad, and a full box connecting a cat5 port to several rca jacks, where we plugged in the foot-pedals. He then connected an ethernet cable between the two, plugged in the gamepad, and we had working FOOT-PEDALS for the computer ! Working foot-pedals for use in any key configuration possible, thanks to Belkin's customizable key configuration. After this, we play-tested them in ut2004 for half an hour. Then during lunch, I played more Monser-RO. I next received a check for last week's work, which contained of all things, a laffy taffy and a small happy birthday card from the employment services ! Even the check itself had the phrase "Happy Birthday !" typed onto it. And my birthday isn't even for another 7 days ! After cashing in the check, and grabbing some tool-less cat5 keystone connectors, we came back to work, and drilled holes through brick walls, where we installed 100 ft of cat5 cable between two offices, so an employee's office could get internet access. This left me just enough time to drive back to Mom's work to pick her up at 4:30, where I had to wait, so I decided to create this blog entry. A lot of bizarre events happened even after I typed the above, so today has been an incredible day, and for me, an incredibly awesome one !
My eye-glasses were finished today ! I should get pictures ... after all, I haven't even posted pictures yet of the bobcats, me, or anything lately ... hmmm ....

Thursday, August 12, 2004

It's all about R.O.
and its salty-sweet dotHack-ish goodness, baby.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Bookman's managers don't always realize, but your customer base is affected by the good will of your floor-employee base.
Specifically, the Bookman's Used Books off of Speedway and Wilmot.
[08/08/2004::12:26:29] Jtoxification: the Bookstore
[08/08/2004::12:26:34] Jtoxification: boycotting the bookstore
[08/08/2004::12:26:36] VashS02: oh the bookstore
[08/08/2004::12:26:41] VashS02: you saw the movie
[08/08/2004::12:26:43] VashS02: thats right
[08/08/2004::12:27:03] VashS02: got jipped on something I presume
[08/08/2004::12:27:05] Jtoxification: telling everyone the skinny guy in glasses that manages the other employees there is a stuck-up, lying asshole
[08/08/2004::12:27:05] VashS02: ?
[08/08/2004::12:27:20] VashS02: probably
[08/08/2004::12:27:22] Jtoxification: we waited 1 hour there ... while Mike's stuff was being assessed
[08/08/2004::12:27:43] VashS02: and the dick dissed me up on posting my flyer toio
[08/08/2004::12:27:52] Jtoxification: when they're finally done, this bastard comes and asks him to fill out a form we never filled before
[08/08/2004::12:27:52] VashS02: I should stick it to him also
[08/08/2004::12:28:11] Jtoxification: so he says, "this is new ... never had to fill this out before..."
[08/08/2004::12:28:27] Jtoxification: the bastard goes ... yes you have, if you've sold to us before... or you should've ...
[08/08/2004::12:28:51] Jtoxification: And we joke about this for a sec (the guy's face doesn't change at all) and Mike says, "I never had to at the other store"
[08/08/2004::12:29:27] Jtoxification: and continues , but the guy says, "Well, if you don't like it, go to the other store, but I promise you they'll do the same thing." Then he motions to the employee, "Give him his stuff back."
[08/08/2004::12:29:47] Jtoxification: Mike says, "What? So you're not going through with it ?! FUCK YOU THEN."
[08/08/2004::12:30:05] Jtoxification: He said this as the guy turned around and walked off... along with the employee
[08/08/2004::12:30:26] Jtoxification: but then he turned around and tried to be a control-freak prick about language, but we walked off with Mike's stuff.
[08/08/2004::12:30:30] Jtoxification: Fucking bastard
[08/08/2004::12:30:57] VashS02: theyre getting to be dicks about stuff
[08/08/2004::12:31:00] VashS02: I know
[08/08/2004::12:31:42] VashS02: all of the employees there seem to be have a hot poker rammed up their ass about things
[08/08/2004::12:31:49] VashS02: at any location pretty much
[08/08/2004::12:32:45] VashS02: I just go to window shop mostly

And we still don't know when or why those new forms came out. Probably just for security and proof of ownership in case of reported theft, but then, that asshole could've told us instead of attempting to deny something so insignificant. He's too wrapped up in his policy, I wouldn't be surprised if he can't even wipe his ass without following some rules.
He was so filled with supressed energy and anger that it looked like he was just waiting for Mike to say something bad. Before we left, he was also trying to spit something about "We're your customer here, and ..."
... Idiot.
I'm back.