Monday, May 17, 2004

I have a vision that one day, 3d graphics shall be integrated into the desktop like a First person perspective game ... that one day, servers/email(not just in-game)/chat/gaming/business/ and even aspects of office and file management will be done via an abstracted layer of objects via MMORPG elements. People roam the streets of server-browser cities, and enter server-buildings linked to them, (but only when the "seating capacity" has not been reached. Otherwise one will have to detour to the next room/building/city/state/country/planet. You have an ehome ... always local and available to you, but available to your "buddies" whenever you set it online. You could drive along a server-highway ... carry persistent objects out-of-game ... attach software execution to objects in your e-home such as a typing program to a 3d typewriter, or internet access via an in-game wall-screen ... or a music media player to an e-home stereo system or headphones (regardless if you're actually wearing headphones) (maybe even connect these to outputs of the computer via your real home, such as the home stereo system !) ... A place where people can customize themselves, their animations, and their homes via portable object models, skin graphics, custom vehicles and items, ... only moderated and censored upon reaching actively moderated servers. You would drive friends to chat-bars, frag-fest servers, or ONLINE PAY-PER-VIEW events such as a movie theatre or a virtual ring stadium showing LIVE BOXING VIDEO FEED in the actual ring. You could go to a virtual auction (3d ebay) or online shop. You could host truly meaningful and impressive meetings, or finish work in a secure/encrypted building. Networked resources such as faxes and printers could be attached as well. A free range of exploration and customization possible in each e-home ... a museum, a yacht on the open sea, a train in space, or a combination of these in an MC Escher-like environment with view-portals to change perspectives in impossible ways, and user-relative gravity. Of your own preference, you could have a fight-fest of weapons, speed, and skill, or a place of puzzles, mystery, and magic, or even places of virtual parks, to sit down as if at yahoo or msn games, and play board games. It's all been done before ... but never all in one ... only in science fiction has it all been done ...
It would be AOL Online meets SIMS Online meets Tribes meets Everquest meets Furcadia meets File Explorer meets Command and Conquer meets OS the Internet meets Virtual Reality.

It will come. One day, it will come. It will come, when computer and networking has reached every empoverished point of the earth ... and its coming shall rock the senses of mankind, putting businessman and sweat shop worker on the same footing, with the same features, and items. One day, not only will a homeless man be able to profit off of the Internet, thus helping to tear down the class walls that attempt to rise (as have many done even now), but can, via the face of virtual reality, present a completely different and unhindered side of the self, which could not have been expressed or even taken seriously before. Where everyone and every group has power over themselves ... from the child living in Micronesia to the membership of a corporation spanning several countries.

Corporations and Opensource communities alike shall vi for control of this market, but by then it'll be so Global, that no world power can fully control it ... only host it and sponsor it, as the businesses and comminuties continually shift in an ameobic, yet symbiotic ecosystem.

It all already exists ...

but not in one package.

One day... it will come.


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