Thursday, April 29, 2004

I have a doctor's appointment, today. But since I typed this in at 1:55 am, April 12 , I'll have probably forgotten it, which isn't all too good of an idea. But then, if I had the choice...

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Life Lesson #32: There will always be something you know, that someone else doesn't. There will also always be something that person knows, and you don't.

Don't compare when all you've got to go on is a few pieces of information that fall within the range specified above. XYZ is not smarter than you just because XYZ knows what the word "cache" means and you don't, despite your college education and eight additional years of life.

I have my expertise. You have yours. Stop harassing yourself.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

RUDP/IP is almost done. Then I get to start the next Networking assignment right after ! :-p
And I'm going to use C++ once again !

For all of you who didn't know before, I have a weird, yet fun line of cafepress apparel, linked at the top. I do take requests, but the shop isn't much of anything, really. I'm probably going to take it down soon, especially since I haven't been able to post up my programming language themed t-shirts. If anyone knows of a better system to buy/sell your own product ideas on, please let me know. (yeah, like I'm really going to get a lot of answers, but hey, can't ask == can't tell, right ? :-p)
Need a good laugh ? This scam takes the cake
I just finished reading it on slashdot :-)

Friday, April 16, 2004

Heheheh. Making images'll be a regular thing.

anonymous coward is the term for users who want to post anonymously.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Oh well. I wanted "Nightmare before Christmas," but it's a lot cooler than some of the other results X-D

Fight Club!

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
brought to you by Quizilla

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Another new one by me :-)
Completely, and utterly tasteless, true...
But that's a pretty cool effect :-) I had to use it for something.
Yes, there are in-betweens :-) I'll leave it to you to figure 'em out.
Here's yet another post I'm typing in advance. It's really 1:47 am, April 12, 2004 as I type this, but it should show up as about 1:47 pm, April 14, 2004.

It's really quite eerie. I wonder how many I can queue up :-) ? It'd make for an interesting farewell trick.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Another image by yours truly. Inspiration from Mike2, and some really funny artist who posts at

Man, after work and homework, Mike and I both played some DDR like never before ! Hellz yeah ... Challenge Mode , 629 combo, I forget which grouping of songs ... but I remember that after full-comboing Holic and DXY, I failed after about 30 seconds through Burning Heat (there was one part I stopped to take a breath, and my 4 life gauge ticks almost instantly dropped to zero. ;-D ) ... my heart was hurtin' after that, man ... but it was the funnest 50 cents I've spent in awhile :-)
The Egg and YOU:
(Before getting all huffy, let me remind whomever feels this post is for them that I most assuredly respect y'allz)
Why are people turning their backs on their own personal blogs just when they realize that they're uncomfortable with the imperfections in the mirror that blogging creates ? After all, such things are almost always made for selfish reasons and thus project incorrect facets of being, regardless. Is that not the folly of the internet ? Serial Experiments Lain ? That hardly anyone searches the Internet without doing so for personal gain ? Even I, myself have thought of ideas to create non-profit organizations, but in the end, it's just a means to yet another end, even if I'm making the world a better place (Although that is obviously a much better goal.) ... it still comes from a desire that was taught or learned at some point in my life. But then, what else would it be for ? We all still strive to stay on top of our lives -- but somehow, for those of us with more opportunities to addict ourselves with the increasing number of new "hobbies," we've joined our survival instincts with modern conveniences. That's why the true free exchange of information is as it appears today: manifestations of the wants of countless individuals, in the form of http requests, games, pictures, music, movies, fantasies, programs, projects, scams, and hope.
So where does that leave my own blogging ?
I continue, because I seriously doubt that I'd have had the foresight to exercise my writing ability as much.
I continue, because this place provides a system for me to shelter my outpour thoughts and a few roadmarkers for my life.
I continue, even though I hold no misconceptions about personal blogging.
I continue, because I hope someone looks on this page and decides to donate enough money that I no longer worry about my financial outlook.($600,000.00US should be enough, but more is always welcome.)
I continue, because somewhere in my heart, I want and need validation by other people to compliment the rest of my day, thus creating a foolishly dependent function of site visitors->my happiness, and if I don't get enough site visitors, well, I'll act like I do, because you never know.
I continue, not just because blogging is a hobby... but because I have an irrational hope that somehow, someone will listen to my expositions, rants, raves, and pleas ... and take the responsibility of real life off of my hands via cash & coaching & secretaries. (Aside from the fact that even the notion of "real life" is still quite relative to your age, geography, economic status, and heritage)

And you tell me it MIGHT paint a distorted picture ?
You know it will. You know it does. You know it did.

But I digress ... no, really, it's what I like to do.

I do respect you guys. (As well as my blog-distorted views of who y'all are.) Keep in touch, yo ?
You're like cyber-neighbors to me, and now you've moved away.
Sure, new faces will appear across the street, but your hypertext hangouts had architecture.

Goodbye, Katie.
Goodbye, Netshade
How about that for remote blogging ? I can post something that won't show up till a specific date and time !
This is eerily starting to feel like an episode of Good Times.

At any rate, my whole class has been given sort of a one week extension where we can fix our code before the demo date where we have to show that our implementations can interoperate with other implementations of an RUDP/IP protocol.

Monday, April 12, 2004

Note to self: find a girlfriend who loves soaking cork.
Let it be said of me that I bowed down to no one and nothing ...

... unfortunately, that also includes due dates.

Y'know, I'm starting to think that my lil' homebrewed images might make good emoticons ... made this 'un about two weeks ago.

I finally realized what makes me so damn dramatic at times ... Acadamia !
As soon as I graduate, I'll be the happiest SOB on the planet.

And for those of you who agree that I'm a dramatic person, I've got a special place right in the deepest, most sincerest corner of my toilet for you all.

I've found when those same individuals are in similar trials and tribulations, they exhibit the same eerie sense of dramatic humor that sometimes haunts my own thoughts.

Regardless, I'll be taking this class next year ... (again), so perhaps its a very good thing after all, that I do not have a ccw permit.

Last year, my issue was that I wanted to use C++ rather than C, and go all out with the cool things I barely knew about the language, but found fascinating, with casting memory locations into packets, using templates to create socket classes that accepted udp or tcp style from the get-go, and even different packet formats, etc ... But the homework was far easier.

This year, the homework is harder ... and again, at some point, I decided to use C++ ... this time because I actually know what the hell I'm doing. My mistake was time usage.

It's time to use that one-time-only-get-out-of-jail-free-card and contact the registrar office to zero out my class credits this semester. (Thank you, Bilal, for explaining to me how that works. Man I'd be so lost if I didn't know about that.)

Here's an old-school kung-fu movie exercise : BLUDDY FISTU !
You simply practice hitting the wall until your fists hurt and your eyes humidify themselves.

Ye gods. Please help.
Deus Ex Machina ?

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Happy Easter, you Christians.
Happy Passover, you Jews.

For everyone else, Happy Day.

My needs must finish implementing a reliable socket layer over UDP/IP (re: a weak version of TCP/IP)

I'm five hours and fourteen minutes in front of the 11:59pm deadline for electronic turn-in.

I'll make it in time.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

In reply to a seperate blog post, one of the important uses for the discussion of artificial intelligence in science fiction is to reflect upon aspects of our own humanity from a more external perspective.

Ulak, in reply to your response, (4/3/4) :
Nicely phrased. I agree with you on evolution, although it should be noted that charisma, good looks, and credit ratings now govern survival of the fittest, allowing not-so-nice genes to spread.
A trek towards universal maturity (or the greatly feared opposite) might depend on how strongly members of tech-friendly societies can stave off overdoses of hedonism. There are now far more means of escape than sex and drugs by which one can house the self in stunted personal growth, walled by socially acceptable addictions, and roofed by poverty. One should look beyond enculturation as looking beyond the self. We can start that trek when great teachers are idolized over great singers, and individuals choose/create/produce their communities rather than vice versa. Abilities that supposedly seperate humans from beasts should seperate communities and organizations from amoebae and destructive parasites.
Now, I must ask: what is your vision of enlightenment as a species ?