Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Loki's Day is tomorrow.

Are you ready ?

Be prepared.

Academic Law #4:

Sleep never comes when you really want it or need it, yet it never fails when you must stay awake.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

And for my next trick done in ms-paint :

Saturday, March 27, 2004

;-) A new image by yours truly, and not affiliated in any way with, except for the fact that rocks, and it's a cool search engine.

Um I took it down for a few days ... but , like the comment below says, it's a parody, there's no representation behind this parody, not even the name. Not to mention the fact that they're just colored, anti-aliased, shadowed, and single-white-light-source-in-upper-left-hand-corner reflected letters. So, yeah ... I was finally able to get some better image-editing tools to make a better-looking O :-)

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

4/3/4 update: This post was spurred by Mike1's pet finite-state-machine, otherwise known as a tamagachi.
You can't escape my notions of wanton ambiguity without leaving this page or changing the focus. I dare you ... At least for this post. I dismantled the gates and sent my watcher home early today. Refresh your eyeballs and then come back when your bowels are empty and stomach is not, since your car doesn't do well with clogged pipes and reserve gas tanks. Do you think consciousness can skip several billion years of evolution ? Or does technology count as just another product of those years ? If so, then when is something alive ? William Gibson's Neuromancer gives birth to some of the ideas that shaped The Matrix, and, from the A.I.'s perspective, deals with the psychology of being so brilliant that you've reached disturbing limitations and safeguards to keep your intelligence in check - something that actually is just one aspect of the human condition. Try to contest this point with me, and I'll show you you're a hellofalot smarter than you think... Much in the same Duke Nukem 3d's integrated deathmatch bots were far too powerful on default. They'd strafe perfect circles around one another (and you) ... blasting away with 100% accuracy, but don't even know it. Watching them play is like watching a ballroom filled with Bruce Campbell clones (but do they know ?) wearing sunglasses, holding loaded weapons, shouting taunts ... and yes their circling duels are ... almost like dancing.

This day was brought to you in part by life lessons eleven, twelve, twenty-one, and twenty-two.

As I walked across an unmarked, uncontrolled intersection lawfully with my co-worker and friend, we cut off an old man in a truck, forcing him to slow down from 20 or so meters (imagine one turtle cutting in front of another in an intersection, and you get the idea of what I mean.) As we walked, I noticed him staring directly at me as if to say something against us. I stared back and said to his watchful eyes, "Yeah, I'm staring back !"
He drove into the lightly trafficked street, and turned into the next parking lot we were walking by (fortunately seperated by a metal fence), stepped out of his car, walked up to the fence till his face nearly touched the bars and started to give us his hastily rendered speech to whom he felt were the representatives (us) of all who jaywalk and get in front of cars and trucks in heavily trafficked areas. (but not in so many words, and certainly not as nicely put.)
I was as polite with him as if I was a retail employee dealing with a customer, just to shit with him, and then I ignored him after the first few exchanges. I felt sorry for him -- when he calmed down, he might've realized that I didn't give him the argument he was looking for , and how one-sided the fool was. (Since he seemed like a normally reasonable fellow.)
Thinking someone represents a whole subset of people without any officiality is one of the biggest and dumbest and unfortunately most common misconception that humans have. Religous zeal, superiority, mysogeny, etc, etc ... activists/terrorists, leaders, and everyday people do this, and it's just one of the things that disgusts me. Fortunately, I know that not everyone does this. And these individuals do not speak for the whole ;-)
I had a productive day on the economic and family ends, but not so much on the personal end. I vow to enhance and improve. Peace, love, good fortune, and success to one and all. Good day to you on the other side of the world, and to everyone else ... good night.

PS -- Ah yes ... my job ... and M's job ...
well, it's not really a job ... more like compensation in computer parts and having fun 10 hours a week in all that's tech-related. In concert with our efforts, we are given our own office ... the techie playground, brought to you in full by Dave, the Boss (techie/phone-hacker at heart)
So far, on the job, the three of us have hooked up 4 computers at once by calibrating 4 wireless usb sensors to one wireless mouse and one wireless keyboard, taken apart a computer monitor plug to replace the pins, put together a few computers, and analyzed some hard drive problems.
I have this to say, regarding simple text extraction and analysis from everyday digital literature:
1.) Microsoft Word documents usually have little else in them that lies in the range of grammatical characters aside from the content written by the user. Most extra unchecked phrases and keywords can be caught by an exclude list that either removes header and footer info, or just removes the actual keywords, which is a bit more risky, considering the fact that any given plaintext keyword could be a legit piece of the document.

2.) Abiword documents have a plaintext syntax, much like teX, RTF, and html documents, which can also be filtered out in the same manner.

For instance, here is an average line of RTF text:
(the characters \{ denote an escaped bracket character, and action denotes standard text. everything that's either a command or could be confused with the syntax can be escaped with a \
\par {\loch\f0\fs24\lang1033\i0\b0 Action \{ \{ action \}actionactionactionactionaction \}action action actionactionactionactionactionAction action actionactionactionactionaction action action actionactionactionactionactionAction action actionactionactionactionaction action action actionactiona

And check out this segment of Abiword text !!
<p style="Default" props="margin-top:0.0000in; margin-left:0.0000in; text-indent:0.0000in; dom-dir:ltr; margin-bottom:0.0000in; line-height:1.000000; text-align:left; margin-right:0.0000in"><c props="font-family:Times New Roman; font-size:12pt; lang:en-US; text-position:normal; font-weight:normal; font-style:normal; text-decoration:none">\Action action actionactionactionactionaction action action actionactionactionactionaction.</c></p>

The only documents that require more in-depth handling seem to be specially encoded or zipped documents, OpenOffice documents (and variants), and PDF files. As soon as I get more info on those formats, I'll deal with them as well ! :-)

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Wouldn't you know it ... I just figured out how easy it is to do it myself. All that time wasted ! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh !
Update: okay, it's in a friendly zip format:
The creator's website is linked by the image in the post below.
I've also added it to the links section of this page.
I didn't put it in the downloads section, since I didn't make it !
I searched long and hard for this. But I finally found it. All I wanted to do was read in various documents of different formats. I'll post a zip file verison later on, since the folder seems to be in a mac/bsd format that doesn' t unzip correctly for windows users ...

A multi-format document parsing library: [SWISH++]

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Unreal Tournament 2004 is what you get when you cross a Quentin Tarantino project with a John Madden videogame, and add a healthy dose of George Lucas. Simply Glorious. I just wish I had time to play it.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Happy Saint Patrick's Day !

[03/14/2004::20:57:33] Mike: Hi
[03/14/2004::20:57:50] Mike: What would it be like if I did 2 tabs of acid, and a normal ammount of X?
The X would make me snuggly and yiffy with strangers, but the acid would make me see things.

I'd probably end up f***ing a cactus or a park bench.
[03/14/2004::20:59:16] Me: LOL !!!!!!!!

A "Dear Abby" Laugh : My sister caught this one a few days ago, but it seems she's not the only one :-) On Monday, March 15th, 2004, A person summarized a Simpsons episode in a letter to "Dear Abby" as if Marge had written the letter. Hilarious. And apparently, it's not the first time, either.

Spring Break is halfway over, y'all, and I've still got a lot of homework to do.

I'm just ticked that the Dawn of the Dead Opening day got shifted to Friday.

Monday, March 15, 2004

Found this funny lil' gem at
Real Search Engines use birds.

Oooh ... and some new Googlisms for y'all, straight from the source !

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Life Lesson #32: (I obviously didn't create this one, but I always point out when they're not from my own thoughts -- and they're always of my own phrasing. )
Parkinson's Law: Prioritizing your work (effective time management) is like accessing water ; if you don't tap it correctly, you'll be flooded with wasted water.
A more humorous version:
Time is like oxygen ... most people don't notice it unless they need it :-)

Definitely a life lesson :-)

Sunday, March 07, 2004

On Drunken and Temporarily Insane Earthpigs who possess unfathomable powers, Lavos and Time Travellers, Manabeasts, Prophecied Thieves and Trickster Gods, Skeleton Men of Jupiter, Patryns and Sartans, Beasts of Cthulu, Psychohistorians, God-Soldiers and Ohmu, Borg, The Wit and The Skill, Wizard's First Rule, Tsurani, Dweomer, The Legions of the Black Company, The Order of Recluse, The Styric Faith, The Belgariad, The DragonBone Chair, The Land saved by White Gold, Childe Harold and the Dark Tower, Shelled Reptile Assassins of Eastern influence, The Hegemon and Speakers of the Dead, Hogwarts Alumni, Daleks, Snow Crash, Wizards of White and Grey, Wintermute AI and Cyberspace Cowboys, Descendants of Shannera, Deveels and Pervects (not Perverts), Nigh-invunerable Madmen wearing Tick suits (who, I might add, are eerily similar to Nigh-Invunerable Madmen wearing Roach suits who follow Drunken and Temporarily Insane Earthpigs who possess unfathomable powers), Deus Ex Machina, Insane Gods of the Forgotton Realms, The Worlds of Otherland and DotHack, Twin Legends of Krynn, Myrddraal, Interplanetary Spies, Stainless Steel Rats, Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons, Scarecrow Kings and wind-up soldiers, The Kin of the Stars, Saiyans, Cross-Galaxy Express Trains, Books of Magic, The Man of Sand and his Sister of Death, The Life and Times of Christopher Snow, The War of Lodoss, Those who are free of Mundania, The Wings of Escaflowne, A Ring of Ice and Fire, The Avatar and the Guardian, and all things that never were, combined with history, science, art, belief, and politics.

For each story, there are many more unnamed, better and worse, old and new. For each history, there is only so much space spent to store such knowledge. For each author there is a web of ideas that sprouted from experience, observation, analysis, and other works. For each work of brilliance, a new way of thinking emerges ... some works are built on the past, while others are built from the void. Some are for profit, some are for restorative justice of the self, and others are born of familiarity. We fill our minds with so much and so little. We fill our dreams with so much and so little. Will fill our destinies with so much and so little. Are you in the Thesaurus, the Dictionary, the Encyclopedia ? Who are you ? What do you mean ? What is your purpose ? What is your life ? Is it also your death ?

Can you tell the difference between derivation and creation ?
What of your own works ?

This post goes out to writers, researchers, inventors, composers, and musicians.

Oh, and if you can name all the authors/screenwriters/concept-originators referenced by their works above, I'll give you a prize :-)

Saturday, March 06, 2004

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Thursday, March 04, 2004

Coincidence, Luck, Fate, and Fortune ...

The other day I found myself in a gas station telling a friend that a $5 scratch-off ticket is not worth the ink printed on a $5 bill, and a $10 ticket is just $5 more worthless. Well, we discussed it just long enough that I spent $5 to prove my point - Yes, I bought a Gold Rush scratch-off ticket.

Betting on the fact that I wouldn't make a dime, I also promised that I'd never gamble again if I didn't win anything on that ticket. I figured every time I'd consider buying a scratch-off ticket, I'd store that money for later.

X-D That ticket netted me $50. |:-P

Tuesday, March 02, 2004