Monday, February 09, 2004

Sprint Broadband sucks. The network literally slows to a standstill during peak hours. Phone modems are much faster during these peak hours, especially v.92 modems, which can be daisy chained through multiple phone lines to offer decent speeds. Also, they can catch incoming phonecalls and do other nifty things. For the moment, cable is the best alternative, but keep in mind: 5 years down the road, it too is expected to lag during peak hours, so enjoy it while you can. Maybe they'll have v.94 modems out by then.'s Formula Editor is beautiful, but buggy as hell - Save often, and save under DIFFERENT names if you use that evil fucking thing: at some point (and it's usually at those critical moments), it will crash ... and it will save the component that made it crash inside that damn document, meaning if you try to copy, save, or export that document, with the offending component (often, that component is simply one single formula object amidst many.) then that component will crash OpenOffice.

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