Sunday, February 29, 2004

The Oscars. hmm.

Whatever happened to Nobel prizes ? Notable Achievements? Hugo awards ? Ever heard of a Scientific Grammy/Oscar ?
How many science and knowledge related awards can you list off the top of your head ? When you get stuck, go here for an idea of how large this list truly is !
Okay. I updated all the life lessons, the polls, and the favorites list, although I bet I'll need to add a few more links to the links list. The downside to nicely hidden-away links is that no one notices them unless they click on the buttons.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

My lil gem-quote of the day :

"... That's why people created tech help forums ... it's so much easier to edit your kind and thoughtful words when a textbox, preview button, and miles of cyberspace are between you and a seriously abusive customer." :-D

Just added a donation button ... I'll squeeze the positioning more cleanly later.

Friday, February 20, 2004

Retrace the last year of your life and ask if it would be worth living over ... the exact same way, with the same decisions and events, only with the knowledge that you're reliving it. Now look at the next upcoming year of your life and compare the differences in your thoughts about the two subjects.
Instead of years, you could try months, days, and hours.

Millenium Actress : a very beautiful, charming, and well-thought-out movie. It had a few slow spots, and the beginning threw me off slightly, starting slowly, however the storytelling picked up momentum, and the story itself was told from a memorably original and unique perspective that I truly enjoyed.

Well then. The end of another week.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Some may say that it is better to analyze facts for details and ideas, rather than to detail ideas with analyzed facts.

While that is true, (after all, is not a hypothesis an educated guess based on observation ?) one cannot postulate without assumptions. The danger is not in making an assumption: only in not stating it,its scope, its basis, and/or its purpose.

Classes are getting tight. Homework bottlenecks are increasing. The crowd watches on in a hushed silence ... waiting . The unspoken question at the tip of everyone's tongue, "Can he do it ?" ... Well, HE ... COULD ... GO ... ALL ... THE ... WAY !

Get outta my way, maaaan.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Congrats,Haloscan ! 100,000+ members ! Who is the 100,000th member ? dataphage !

This is also a test of my installation of the trackback feature.
Check out Pete Holiday's post on how Haloscan received trackbacking through his code ... Or just check out his site, anyway -- it rocks, and he's got an interesting sense of humor.

Monday, February 16, 2004

There are times when you must ask yourself of your projects, investments, and hobbies, "Where's the payoff ?"
I simply ask myself, "WHEN?!?!?!!!"
So much to do ... I want to rip something (or someone) to pieces.

Monday, February 09, 2004

Out of all the free alternatives to Microsoft Office, to me, nothing so far has come closer than the combination of Open Office and Easy Office:
OpenOffice is awesome ... but buggy. Mainly, their formula editor makes my saved documents bite the dust. However, upon installing the freeware version of Easy Office, I found that I had a plethora of utilities at my disposal, (many of which shared underlying code with OpenOffice, but that's to be expected with freeware.) and I could still use the openoffice utilities from within EasyOffice via the "insert object" menu ! Not to mention I was able to succesfully save my previous OpenOffice homework assignments with the "formula editor" in Easy Office ! Rock on ! Unfortunately, nothing I've seen yet has come within miles of Microsoft Word's 2D-CAD-like drawing capabilities.
Sprint Broadband sucks. The network literally slows to a standstill during peak hours. Phone modems are much faster during these peak hours, especially v.92 modems, which can be daisy chained through multiple phone lines to offer decent speeds. Also, they can catch incoming phonecalls and do other nifty things. For the moment, cable is the best alternative, but keep in mind: 5 years down the road, it too is expected to lag during peak hours, so enjoy it while you can. Maybe they'll have v.94 modems out by then.'s Formula Editor is beautiful, but buggy as hell - Save often, and save under DIFFERENT names if you use that evil fucking thing: at some point (and it's usually at those critical moments), it will crash ... and it will save the component that made it crash inside that damn document, meaning if you try to copy, save, or export that document, with the offending component (often, that component is simply one single formula object amidst many.) then that component will crash OpenOffice.