Friday, December 31, 2004

Another year gone by, and before you know it, I'll be saying those same words again. We are celebrating in Arivaca amongst wonderful people! Happy New Year's, everyone?

Friday, December 10, 2004

Man. I haven't posted in a while.

Updates are coming. Updates since the end of October, really ;-)

I finished the last assignment of the semester Fall 04 at the U.
Now I just need to study for Finals, and for next semester.

Random Topic #1:
As I walked the sidewalks lining the streets of my neighborhood a week ago, I noticed an impressive concentration of dove droppings on the concrete below the branches of a medium-sized tree... the observation inspired a new, and somewhat amusing life lesson :-D

If you stay away from where shit once fell,
you will less likely be shat upon.


Random Topic #2:
I found a new lovely pseudo-quote from regarding Hilbert's 2nd Problem of contemporary mathematics for the 20th Century: posed in the Second International Congress in Paris on August 8, 1900... the question was this : "Can it be proven that the axioms of logic are consistent?" In other words, can we show, without a doubt that the logic used throughout the worlds of mathematics, carried into science and philosophy is completely infallible ?

And the beautiful, beautiful anwser is essentially "NO," because only a fallacy can rely solely upon itself to prove itself ! So the fact that we are unable to answer it mathematically is an unprovable conjecture that the system is consistent, even though it's nowhere near complete and the system has been proven (in many number theory examples) impossible to complete!

Or, quoted from
Gödel's incompleteness theorem indicated that the answer is "no," in the sense that any formal system interesting enough to formulate its own consistency can prove its own consistency if and only if it is inconsistent.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Rambling away !

My job is awesome, taking on new dimensions that, of course, can be added to the skill sheet and portfolio, to sum it up arrogantly .

I'm working on three new sites, y'all. Bear with me. And all three will have different domains.
Right now I'm trying to figure out a good domain name for a computer technician/skills trainer. Leave a comment if you have suggestions.

Well, I recently went to a sorority party... freakin precursor to an orgy.
I didn't mean to be a wall-flower. Something in me revolted and pulled me away from the crowd.

College has constantly reminded me that my images of myself are just images. Anything on which I base my self-image or self-esteem are bogus, and can/will be stripped away.

I could, however, base it on virtues, but I will not pride myself on what I don't yet have :-D

I could base it on a commitment to always be better than I was before, to enhance and improve... But that's always been there. No need to dote upon something so given this.

I could just say fuck it, and attempt to eradicate such thoughts from my life -- to separate myself from my notions of self-image. I may be in a good position to do so now, since I feel no sense of haughtiness or elitism for doing so, as I might've been when I was younger ... thus still trapping myself in my own images.

This would mean that I can no longer treat any of my "abilities" as "me". My writing ability, my climbing ability, my sense of story-telling, my sense of style, my music, my programming style, even my own intelligence are all things that are better than some, worse than others, and should not be taken as a true sense of who I am. All must be respected for what it is: a gift that must be properly nourished and cared for. Even my family, my heritage, my future girlfriend(s), wife, kids (should I choose the path of relationship). They are not an ideal to maintain, not a dream or goal. I will not worry about what else could possibly be left to define me. Obviously there is something here to think and act. But if I were to get Alzheimer's, even my rational thinking and memories would disappear.

All in all, why worry ? Live well, do what you can, make your life easier, and ease the lives of others. Always in a productive manner, tho :-D We don't want to help the evasion of consequences. It's a good motto. Like all aphorisms, it breaks down at some point, but I'm not worried about changing it.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Note to self: When trying out something new, no binging. Thus ends my recent adventures in pipes and cigars ... well ... smoking in general, for a very, very long time. At least until I heal. :-p

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Playing cards, cigars, pipes, alcohol ... one could get used to this.

It's all Mike2's fault.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Trip to Wonderland:

Go to your nearest search engine and type in: "XMLHTTP"

A black spider with the red hourglass mark on the underside of her abdomen has decided to move into our garage. I've taken some pictures and will soon load them up ... but of course, there's also a queue of photos waiting to be uploaded. -- all in due time.

The UA career fair jetted through this week, on Tuesday and Wednesday. I got my resume into a few places. It's always good practice, after all, graduation is closer than you think.

Timewise, I'd say soon-to-be graduates are about to get fired out of a cannon... after all, graduation is always far far away until you graduate, and always "so recent" after you 've graduated. :-D

I've got a new proverb coming up if I can remember it... blurted it out on accident yesterday (As they are usually formulated) before I realized it was pretty good :-D so I can't remember it all that well yet.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

The challenge has been made.

The day has been set.

On Saturday, December 17, 2005,

I will hold my Bachelor's Degree Certificate.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Monser, the fun, free, anime-styled online rpg Ragnarok Online Server is dead. Gravity Corp, owner of Ragnarok Online found out about it and asked the owners to shut it down.

For a while, even I thought that the private servers were legal. It's why I thought they even had names for 'em ... public RO and private RO servers. I don't have too much hatred and animosity towards Gravity. They have to make money, somehow (May their legal advisors get their come-uppance. After all, it could've stayed open as a "shareware" server... they didn't even have level 3 jobs or pet skills or extra fancy shit.) - even though any CS graduate team from my university could make a better graphical MUD (but then, why did I play it ?! Heh. cuz these guys still did a pretty damn good job, regardless.

Chat log and pics coming soon.

Will I pay $10 a month for the real thing ? Doubtful. We all know what happens to those on Evercrack, and that's got many more features than this. Who knows ? It's far too time-consuming. In a way, it's a good thing for me that the server will get shut down tomorrow. But that doesn't make me feel any less pissed off about the hours I put into it without any real payback. It just makes all of the players look like fools. And that's why I hate Gravity.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Most people have a pretentious streak in 'em ...
After all, why do you think personal blogs are so popular ?

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Today, my sister and I are now 1/4th of a century old!

Monday, August 23, 2004

my "jtoxification" email is now at, for those of you who wish to contact me.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Writing exercise #1.

(Unofficially, in the #hundreds, but now I'm counting)

Of Time, Talent, and Judgement

(or “Haughty and Arrogant Letter to an Anonymous Friend”)

I doubt it's possible, but for the sake of your ego, try not to intoxicate yourself with your own talent. A WUI in writing just doesn't look good on your permanent record. While incredibly powerful, neither natural aptitude nor a trained hand are complete measurements of skill.

Were an average writer (if such a one exists) to take a beautiful, witty, and grammatically perfect piece of literature you wrote on the fly in five minutes, and accept a challenge to devote 24 hours in creating one rivaling or surpassing your minute-masterpiece (in some non-existent form of perfect critique), don't you think they could do it? Yes, it's debatable, but if you were both defender and challenger, wouldn't you think yourself capable of vastly improving your own five minute piece in that same 24-hour period?

Is time, then, a more accurate judge? Could a better indicator of excellence prove worthwhile in this form? Certainly not always. The differences vary far too outrageously from case to case. Thus we assume the existence of a higher dependency, an even more important measure of performance ...

Perhaps the ability to critique and measure? I wouldn't even deem it necessary to write this if I thought you (the anonymous friend referenced above, not the reader) had better assessments of skill. While insightful, don't the above arguments regarding time imply (falsely) that any writer can differentiate between what is good or bad, between what is detailed, debatable, or opinion?

Obviously, if we all had such a well developed sense, then time would always be a perfect measure of quality, and never talent. But is this ability enough? Many people know the difference between good and bad, but do not write, and if they do, a large number find it difficult to maintain such impartiality in personal projects. One must also be capable of applying this critique to their own work just as well as they can to the works of other skilled individuals; a task that seems plain in writing, yet deviously harder in practice.

The truth remains that in order to produce something identifiable as quality, you must know what you're doing and put time in it to sufficiently explore the paths you could take it. Talent doesn't replace that; it simply aids and hastens the process. Thus refined, my statement becomes the following: once able to separate the good from the bad, a person may create a masterpiece in any agility-independent field, gifted or not.

PS – Allow me to remind you that all analogies and generalizations break down at some point, so we already know that point exists here: if you'd like to find it yourself, be my guest, but I wouldn't waste such wonderful talent as yours on simple crap.

This essay is subject to change since it's not done till it's done ;-D

PPS - And that, my dear readers, is why the styles of any two of my posts may be completely different. (I'm horrified by the style of my previous post.)

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I don't often write journal style blogs anymore, but on certain occaisions (such as today), it just begs a written account.

Today, I worked hard and played fun.

I woke up at 4:40.

Played Monser-RO for an hour.

Went to my mother's school, Children's Success Academy. Left at 6:45, arrived at 7:15.

I volunteered at the school from 7:15 to 8:45, from sorting and filing students' assignments to cleaning the school's kitchen sink.

I then left CSA, driving to work, arriving at about 9 am. My boss was already in my office with the Belkin Nostromo n52 (or something like that) gamepad out in pieces. The smell of solder was in the air, and there were electronic piano footpedals out on the floor. I saw him hunched over in a chair, in front of Cthulhu, our uber-machine (the one we will attempt to sell on ebay) soldering wires from an ethernet cable to the gamepad. For the next two hours, we (mainly he) created one cat5 port from the side of the gamepad, and a full box connecting a cat5 port to several rca jacks, where we plugged in the foot-pedals. He then connected an ethernet cable between the two, plugged in the gamepad, and we had working FOOT-PEDALS for the computer ! Working foot-pedals for use in any key configuration possible, thanks to Belkin's customizable key configuration. After this, we play-tested them in ut2004 for half an hour. Then during lunch, I played more Monser-RO. I next received a check for last week's work, which contained of all things, a laffy taffy and a small happy birthday card from the employment services ! Even the check itself had the phrase "Happy Birthday !" typed onto it. And my birthday isn't even for another 7 days ! After cashing in the check, and grabbing some tool-less cat5 keystone connectors, we came back to work, and drilled holes through brick walls, where we installed 100 ft of cat5 cable between two offices, so an employee's office could get internet access. This left me just enough time to drive back to Mom's work to pick her up at 4:30, where I had to wait, so I decided to create this blog entry. A lot of bizarre events happened even after I typed the above, so today has been an incredible day, and for me, an incredibly awesome one !
My eye-glasses were finished today ! I should get pictures ... after all, I haven't even posted pictures yet of the bobcats, me, or anything lately ... hmmm ....

Thursday, August 12, 2004

It's all about R.O.
and its salty-sweet dotHack-ish goodness, baby.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Bookman's managers don't always realize, but your customer base is affected by the good will of your floor-employee base.
Specifically, the Bookman's Used Books off of Speedway and Wilmot.
[08/08/2004::12:26:29] Jtoxification: the Bookstore
[08/08/2004::12:26:34] Jtoxification: boycotting the bookstore
[08/08/2004::12:26:36] VashS02: oh the bookstore
[08/08/2004::12:26:41] VashS02: you saw the movie
[08/08/2004::12:26:43] VashS02: thats right
[08/08/2004::12:27:03] VashS02: got jipped on something I presume
[08/08/2004::12:27:05] Jtoxification: telling everyone the skinny guy in glasses that manages the other employees there is a stuck-up, lying asshole
[08/08/2004::12:27:05] VashS02: ?
[08/08/2004::12:27:20] VashS02: probably
[08/08/2004::12:27:22] Jtoxification: we waited 1 hour there ... while Mike's stuff was being assessed
[08/08/2004::12:27:43] VashS02: and the dick dissed me up on posting my flyer toio
[08/08/2004::12:27:52] Jtoxification: when they're finally done, this bastard comes and asks him to fill out a form we never filled before
[08/08/2004::12:27:52] VashS02: I should stick it to him also
[08/08/2004::12:28:11] Jtoxification: so he says, "this is new ... never had to fill this out before..."
[08/08/2004::12:28:27] Jtoxification: the bastard goes ... yes you have, if you've sold to us before... or you should've ...
[08/08/2004::12:28:51] Jtoxification: And we joke about this for a sec (the guy's face doesn't change at all) and Mike says, "I never had to at the other store"
[08/08/2004::12:29:27] Jtoxification: and continues , but the guy says, "Well, if you don't like it, go to the other store, but I promise you they'll do the same thing." Then he motions to the employee, "Give him his stuff back."
[08/08/2004::12:29:47] Jtoxification: Mike says, "What? So you're not going through with it ?! FUCK YOU THEN."
[08/08/2004::12:30:05] Jtoxification: He said this as the guy turned around and walked off... along with the employee
[08/08/2004::12:30:26] Jtoxification: but then he turned around and tried to be a control-freak prick about language, but we walked off with Mike's stuff.
[08/08/2004::12:30:30] Jtoxification: Fucking bastard
[08/08/2004::12:30:57] VashS02: theyre getting to be dicks about stuff
[08/08/2004::12:31:00] VashS02: I know
[08/08/2004::12:31:42] VashS02: all of the employees there seem to be have a hot poker rammed up their ass about things
[08/08/2004::12:31:49] VashS02: at any location pretty much
[08/08/2004::12:32:45] VashS02: I just go to window shop mostly

And we still don't know when or why those new forms came out. Probably just for security and proof of ownership in case of reported theft, but then, that asshole could've told us instead of attempting to deny something so insignificant. He's too wrapped up in his policy, I wouldn't be surprised if he can't even wipe his ass without following some rules.
He was so filled with supressed energy and anger that it looked like he was just waiting for Mike to say something bad. Before we left, he was also trying to spit something about "We're your customer here, and ..."
... Idiot.
I'm back.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Life Lesson #3X (I'll figure out what number I'm on later):
Just because you [i]think[/i] it needs saving, doesn't mean it [i]does[/i].
Two days ago, I saw a pseudoscorpion or like-creature, a creature that I long ago decided to find info online about, and found it to be a rather useful bug to have around the house, since its main diet consists of bugs much smaller than itself that are rather annoying to humans.  Usually, I'm in the habit of taking every insect-sized creature outside, when found inside, but these bugs I usually leave alone. I should've done so in this case as well. 
This particular bug is, unfortunately, also a very scary-looking being which doesn't help its lifespan at all when humans come into contact with it.  Thus, two nights ago, when I saw it running towards a floorboard as my sister walked down the hall, I felt it was up to me to capture it and take it outside, when I should've just left it alone (since it was already almost to the floorboard.) 
I took out a plastic bottle (the top had been cut off and lined with tape, so that it more resembled a cylindrical vase) and attempted to capture the creature.  Alas it was too swift-moving, and I ended up killing it by mistake. 
Those of you who do not care about bugs may think me a bit obsessive in this matter.  Unfortunately, I care about most forms of life, and although I despise mosquitos and flies, I do my best to avoid killing living creatures.

Thus my mistake brought out the realization that you can't always predict what's going to happen, nor what the best course of action is.


[Well, looking back on the story post below, it turned out better than I thought, so in the post that follows this, I may be eating my words just slightly, since its topic will be about the difference between professional fiction (researched, plotted, characters fleshed, events described, etc) and everything else (story is thought up as it goes along.)]

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

A boring, yet amusing story, made on the fly.

Quite subconsciously, I came up with an idea for a rudimentary game involving four-square balls vaguely similar to dodgeball and tag. In the moment that immediately followed this bizarre idea, (and just as fleeting) a void in my mind was filled with the realization that both dry ice cream and fried ice cream were impossibilities. I woke up shortly thereafter, into the reign of fabric-softened bedsheets and a window shade blocking the morning sun's "temperamental" glare, bad pun intended.

Indeed, the pun was a sign that it was time for outside help.

For the task, I went to a reknowned specialist in the field. Her credentials are quite impressive really: an elementary school diploma, high school diploma, AAS, BS, and an MD printed out in crayon. The last is a Masters in Drivelry. It said so on the certificate; all of them hung upon the side wall of the reception area, above a beautifully exotic plant that appeared to be gnawing on the receptionist's desk.

My first impression of the receptionist is still a mystery to myself. I caught her with her headphones on, listening to the latest Beastie Boys CD. She was singing, "Doctor, doctor! What's my condition? I'm a man, that's on a mission! Doc said: Son, you'd better listen! Stuck in your ass is an electrician ! ... "

At this point I made my presence known. "The name's Marquet. Stephen Marquet. Got an appointment in like 20 minutes." 
You know, for about 0.6 seconds I actually saw her glance in angered surprise (perhaps before recalling that she's a receptionist ?) before turning to glaze her eyes upon the large computer monitor that had claimed the other half of the desk years earlier. It seems the plant had been battling with the computer's cables over the middle ground for the better part of a year with no clear victor. "Yeah, 'S' dot Market, right ?"
"Go right in. Doc's been waitin'."

This boring story will be continued ! Muwa ha ha ha ha !!! Aha ! Aha ... oh, wow, whew, aha ...

Monday, June 14, 2004

Life Lesson #34:

In anticipating a possible problem, make sure you don't create another by side effect.

-- Make sure you also don't create the problem you anticipate.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Life Lesson #33:

If you don't try, you have yourself to blame.

If you do try, you have no one to blame.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Life Lesson #32:

Having knowledge is important, but not as important as being able to get it when you need it.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

An interesting lesson for you all... in C++ :

unsigned char* system = malloc(65536);
Idea* a_concept = new(system) Idea;

The Lesson:

Just because it's new to you doesn't mean that it's new to the system.


Have a good day.


Thursday, May 27, 2004

Jtoxification is radioactive. Wear protective clothing at all times.



Tuesday, May 18, 2004

I'm movin' out.

Monday, May 17, 2004

I have a vision that one day, 3d graphics shall be integrated into the desktop like a First person perspective game ... that one day, servers/email(not just in-game)/chat/gaming/business/ and even aspects of office and file management will be done via an abstracted layer of objects via MMORPG elements. People roam the streets of server-browser cities, and enter server-buildings linked to them, (but only when the "seating capacity" has not been reached. Otherwise one will have to detour to the next room/building/city/state/country/planet. You have an ehome ... always local and available to you, but available to your "buddies" whenever you set it online. You could drive along a server-highway ... carry persistent objects out-of-game ... attach software execution to objects in your e-home such as a typing program to a 3d typewriter, or internet access via an in-game wall-screen ... or a music media player to an e-home stereo system or headphones (regardless if you're actually wearing headphones) (maybe even connect these to outputs of the computer via your real home, such as the home stereo system !) ... A place where people can customize themselves, their animations, and their homes via portable object models, skin graphics, custom vehicles and items, ... only moderated and censored upon reaching actively moderated servers. You would drive friends to chat-bars, frag-fest servers, or ONLINE PAY-PER-VIEW events such as a movie theatre or a virtual ring stadium showing LIVE BOXING VIDEO FEED in the actual ring. You could go to a virtual auction (3d ebay) or online shop. You could host truly meaningful and impressive meetings, or finish work in a secure/encrypted building. Networked resources such as faxes and printers could be attached as well. A free range of exploration and customization possible in each e-home ... a museum, a yacht on the open sea, a train in space, or a combination of these in an MC Escher-like environment with view-portals to change perspectives in impossible ways, and user-relative gravity. Of your own preference, you could have a fight-fest of weapons, speed, and skill, or a place of puzzles, mystery, and magic, or even places of virtual parks, to sit down as if at yahoo or msn games, and play board games. It's all been done before ... but never all in one ... only in science fiction has it all been done ...
It would be AOL Online meets SIMS Online meets Tribes meets Everquest meets Furcadia meets File Explorer meets Command and Conquer meets OS the Internet meets Virtual Reality.

It will come. One day, it will come. It will come, when computer and networking has reached every empoverished point of the earth ... and its coming shall rock the senses of mankind, putting businessman and sweat shop worker on the same footing, with the same features, and items. One day, not only will a homeless man be able to profit off of the Internet, thus helping to tear down the class walls that attempt to rise (as have many done even now), but can, via the face of virtual reality, present a completely different and unhindered side of the self, which could not have been expressed or even taken seriously before. Where everyone and every group has power over themselves ... from the child living in Micronesia to the membership of a corporation spanning several countries.

Corporations and Opensource communities alike shall vi for control of this market, but by then it'll be so Global, that no world power can fully control it ... only host it and sponsor it, as the businesses and comminuties continually shift in an ameobic, yet symbiotic ecosystem.

It all already exists ...

but not in one package.

One day... it will come.


Wednesday, May 05, 2004

So what's really cool about C++, you ask ? After all, all those extra features must really slow it down, right ? Or maybe it makes code harder to read ? Perhaps it's harder to track meory leaks ? (in comparison to C or Java)


It's ALL About Good Coding Practices (Overused & trite, but true)
It's all in how you code.

For instance,

(unoptimized)C code is WYSWYG (What you see is what you get), where you can access any part of memory and change much of it, etc. It's also dangerous because you can easily access parts of memory you didn't intend to, due to a mistake.

C++ code can literally do everything that C can ... although some implicit side effects must be explicitly labelled in C++ rather than C. C++ code can also directly link to C code via a "preprocessor" statement called extern "C" {/*This is where C code or links to C code would be*/}
C++ has more features, and a few of those features can slow down the program if you don't know what you're doing.
The major features are:

1.) default function parameters (you can instruct a function to take certain extra "optional" inputs )

Speed: No slowdown.

2.) function overloading (you can create two functions with different inputs but have the same name)

Speed: No slowdown -- the compiler gives functions seperate names based on their inputs, and thus differentiates by input sizes, similarities, and order of functions.
Java has this, too.

3.) Objects that syntactically encapsulate both objects and operations. C has objects that encapsulate other objects, but not operations ... they can link to operations and functions, though.

Speed: (NO slowdown !)
Java has this, too. (In fact, in java, you cannot define functions outside of objects)

4.) More syntax and grammar for dynamic memory allocation:

This is where most of the danger comes in: the slowdown occurs when someone decides to use a lot of dynamic memory. C++, like C, gives you the option to allocate memory to objects from the system, and even from other objects. Allocating memory from the system is slow, due to memory management. C++ also allows you to delete objects, and even specify how each is allocated and/or deleted.
Java is ALL ABOUT dynamic memory: unlike C and C++, Java does NOT allow you to also statically allocate composite objects.

5.) Object inheritance (A form of creating composite objects off of existing composite objects)
You can create objects as a sort of subclass of another object, that "inherit" pieces of code and data types held by this "superclass" object. In this way, you can build a tree of objects that acts like a species heirarchy, where any subclass is also an instance of its superclass. Thus if you made an object of type "music cd" and it has a superclass of type "music storage" then, by specifying the context, you can treat your object as a music CD OR as music storage in C++/java. But a "music cassette" and "music CD" would not be the same unless you viewed them from the context of music storage. (But it gets more complicated in that you can inherit multiple items ... that is, you could have a setup where a DVD would be of types "DIGITAL" and "VIDEO" whereas a video tape would be of types "ANALOG" and "VIDEO" ... they're both video objects, but their data formats differ. So they're not really classes so much as contexts ... but I didn't make the language, so I wouldn't know the reasoning behind it. :-D

This is where the second half of the slowdown takes place : inheritance hides object size. In C++ and java, if you had the above heirarchy and created a dvd object, you'd also implicitly be making a hiden digital object and video object, and whatever memory they allocate.

There are certainly many other things in different languages that slow them down. For instance Ralph Griswold's Icon has arbitrary number sizes ... i.e. if you had enough processing power and computer speed, you could calculate pi to the 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999th decimal point easily, and store it in an Icon primitive1 floating point2 type.
The downside, of course, is that it's SLOW !

Take Icon's long number handling and create even a 14-bit RSA3program, (the standard is around 128 bits or so. follow the explanation at the bottom(3) to find out what that means.) and compare its speed with one made in SML (Standard Meta Language) and while the average implementation in SML runs within a second, Icon's average implementation runs between a minute and 20 minutes, depending on which language features are used and how well the algorithm is coded ... but part of this can be due to how good the compiler is. The compiler takes source code written by a programmer and turns it into a program. (that is, it translates source code into machine language.) Now a good compiler will optimize the code in a way that allows the computer to read it faster and with less memory ... in other words, quickly and concisely. So, say if Icon was ported to GCC 4, etc, etc, etc ... but then, we could conjecture the same "what if" to SML.)

So what can be said of all this ? Java's new features are really nice. The C programming language is perfect for low-level programming, and C++ can do everything C can do, and if you're careful, you can still use C++'s extra features without noticeable slowdown. Finally, since there are weird quirks to all languages, there may yet be some things that are actually done faster in various languages than other even if such languages are "high-level".

1-Primitive: in programming, this defines a type of variable/container (like a math variable) that is built into the language, and is used "like a lego block" to create other data types. Primitives are traditionally easy to create, usually from a standard "stack" of memory set aside especially for these "primitive" data types, and are automatically destroyed when no longer in use/accessible.
2Floating-point: this defines a term in mathematics used to describe numbers with fractions, (i.e. -- numbers that have a "floating point," like 3.2 or 241.002351 and even 2.000 )
3RSA - A (computation-intensive) form of public key cryptography introduced by Rivest, Shamir, and Adleman - 1977. In cryptography, the number used in front describes how many possible guesses one would have to make in order to unlock encrypted data. This number is known in mathematics as the key space. In this case, the key space is 14-bits long, where 14 is an exponent, and "bit" describes the counting base raised to the power of that exponent :

bit:binary = 2 [0 1]
octet:octal = 8 [0 - 7]
digit:decimal = 10 [0 - 9]
hex-digit:hexidecimal = 16 [ 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 a b c d e f ]

In this case it's two, so all they're really saying is that there are less than
214(16384) combinations. So, in general, a higher bit-size is associated with better protection, but that's not necessarily true.
4GCC - The GNUC programming languge Compiler. (GNU: GNU is Not Unix - the definition stems from a joke regarding recursive acronyms) GCC is an incredible, legally free (and protected), feature-packed, legally-hackable/modifiable, multi-language compiler of cult status among programmers who enjoy the GNU free software foundation. However, many people like to polarize the status into Microsoft vs. GNU, because Microsoft's Visual Studio.NET is the "GCC" of Windows (Even though GCC is also available for Windows, runs java, and there are multiple ports for .NET available, too), yet Microsoft's has automatic memory management and is bundled with "beautifully visual" tools that make programming much faster and produces more aesthetic results at the cost of bulkiness, slowdowns at odd times for no apparent reason, and a layer of abstraction that makes it difficult to know what third-party operations take place while your own code runs, and whether a particular function is optimized. It's also impossible to directly change memory locations. The efficiency and ease, while too advantageous to ignore, also allows for people with insufficient knowledge to create working programs. While a good thing, (beginners can learn the ropes while still producing significant results) these fancy tools won't stop you from writing bad code. So it's bad for job security and industry, but a professional-looking user interface made in one hour, for a complex program made in 240 hours, can make all the difference.


1 The Free Software Foundation
2 Java
3 Microsoft's .NET platform
4 .GNU: .NET compatibility for GCC
5 The SML/NJ programming language
7 The Icon programming language
8 java to c++ and vice versa converter (only does certain window and utility libraries, but that's still enough!)

9 Lamda- a place to discuss programming languages... just found this place and I think it rocks.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

For those of you who don't know, bloggers get to betatest Google's free 1-gig email system, gmail.

It's awesome, I tell you. Get one if you can.
So many ideas, so little time.

I will be driving one of these within the next two decades.

n.s. graduated ! Holy Karma, man. Go make some money !

Interesting. Apparently I've been added to the Blog Hunter last year, and I don't even remember it ! They've got a slick interface, though.

My friends addicted me to SlashDot

Go visit Foamy, cyberspace's resident "lord and master" squirrel.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

I have a doctor's appointment, today. But since I typed this in at 1:55 am, April 12 , I'll have probably forgotten it, which isn't all too good of an idea. But then, if I had the choice...

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Life Lesson #32: There will always be something you know, that someone else doesn't. There will also always be something that person knows, and you don't.

Don't compare when all you've got to go on is a few pieces of information that fall within the range specified above. XYZ is not smarter than you just because XYZ knows what the word "cache" means and you don't, despite your college education and eight additional years of life.

I have my expertise. You have yours. Stop harassing yourself.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

RUDP/IP is almost done. Then I get to start the next Networking assignment right after ! :-p
And I'm going to use C++ once again !

For all of you who didn't know before, I have a weird, yet fun line of cafepress apparel, linked at the top. I do take requests, but the shop isn't much of anything, really. I'm probably going to take it down soon, especially since I haven't been able to post up my programming language themed t-shirts. If anyone knows of a better system to buy/sell your own product ideas on, please let me know. (yeah, like I'm really going to get a lot of answers, but hey, can't ask == can't tell, right ? :-p)
Need a good laugh ? This scam takes the cake
I just finished reading it on slashdot :-)

Friday, April 16, 2004

Heheheh. Making images'll be a regular thing.

anonymous coward is the term for users who want to post anonymously.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Oh well. I wanted "Nightmare before Christmas," but it's a lot cooler than some of the other results X-D

Fight Club!

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
brought to you by Quizilla

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Another new one by me :-)
Completely, and utterly tasteless, true...
But that's a pretty cool effect :-) I had to use it for something.
Yes, there are in-betweens :-) I'll leave it to you to figure 'em out.
Here's yet another post I'm typing in advance. It's really 1:47 am, April 12, 2004 as I type this, but it should show up as about 1:47 pm, April 14, 2004.

It's really quite eerie. I wonder how many I can queue up :-) ? It'd make for an interesting farewell trick.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Another image by yours truly. Inspiration from Mike2, and some really funny artist who posts at

Man, after work and homework, Mike and I both played some DDR like never before ! Hellz yeah ... Challenge Mode , 629 combo, I forget which grouping of songs ... but I remember that after full-comboing Holic and DXY, I failed after about 30 seconds through Burning Heat (there was one part I stopped to take a breath, and my 4 life gauge ticks almost instantly dropped to zero. ;-D ) ... my heart was hurtin' after that, man ... but it was the funnest 50 cents I've spent in awhile :-)
The Egg and YOU:
(Before getting all huffy, let me remind whomever feels this post is for them that I most assuredly respect y'allz)
Why are people turning their backs on their own personal blogs just when they realize that they're uncomfortable with the imperfections in the mirror that blogging creates ? After all, such things are almost always made for selfish reasons and thus project incorrect facets of being, regardless. Is that not the folly of the internet ? Serial Experiments Lain ? That hardly anyone searches the Internet without doing so for personal gain ? Even I, myself have thought of ideas to create non-profit organizations, but in the end, it's just a means to yet another end, even if I'm making the world a better place (Although that is obviously a much better goal.) ... it still comes from a desire that was taught or learned at some point in my life. But then, what else would it be for ? We all still strive to stay on top of our lives -- but somehow, for those of us with more opportunities to addict ourselves with the increasing number of new "hobbies," we've joined our survival instincts with modern conveniences. That's why the true free exchange of information is as it appears today: manifestations of the wants of countless individuals, in the form of http requests, games, pictures, music, movies, fantasies, programs, projects, scams, and hope.
So where does that leave my own blogging ?
I continue, because I seriously doubt that I'd have had the foresight to exercise my writing ability as much.
I continue, because this place provides a system for me to shelter my outpour thoughts and a few roadmarkers for my life.
I continue, even though I hold no misconceptions about personal blogging.
I continue, because I hope someone looks on this page and decides to donate enough money that I no longer worry about my financial outlook.($600,000.00US should be enough, but more is always welcome.)
I continue, because somewhere in my heart, I want and need validation by other people to compliment the rest of my day, thus creating a foolishly dependent function of site visitors->my happiness, and if I don't get enough site visitors, well, I'll act like I do, because you never know.
I continue, not just because blogging is a hobby... but because I have an irrational hope that somehow, someone will listen to my expositions, rants, raves, and pleas ... and take the responsibility of real life off of my hands via cash & coaching & secretaries. (Aside from the fact that even the notion of "real life" is still quite relative to your age, geography, economic status, and heritage)

And you tell me it MIGHT paint a distorted picture ?
You know it will. You know it does. You know it did.

But I digress ... no, really, it's what I like to do.

I do respect you guys. (As well as my blog-distorted views of who y'all are.) Keep in touch, yo ?
You're like cyber-neighbors to me, and now you've moved away.
Sure, new faces will appear across the street, but your hypertext hangouts had architecture.

Goodbye, Katie.
Goodbye, Netshade
How about that for remote blogging ? I can post something that won't show up till a specific date and time !
This is eerily starting to feel like an episode of Good Times.

At any rate, my whole class has been given sort of a one week extension where we can fix our code before the demo date where we have to show that our implementations can interoperate with other implementations of an RUDP/IP protocol.

Monday, April 12, 2004

Note to self: find a girlfriend who loves soaking cork.
Let it be said of me that I bowed down to no one and nothing ...

... unfortunately, that also includes due dates.

Y'know, I'm starting to think that my lil' homebrewed images might make good emoticons ... made this 'un about two weeks ago.

I finally realized what makes me so damn dramatic at times ... Acadamia !
As soon as I graduate, I'll be the happiest SOB on the planet.

And for those of you who agree that I'm a dramatic person, I've got a special place right in the deepest, most sincerest corner of my toilet for you all.

I've found when those same individuals are in similar trials and tribulations, they exhibit the same eerie sense of dramatic humor that sometimes haunts my own thoughts.

Regardless, I'll be taking this class next year ... (again), so perhaps its a very good thing after all, that I do not have a ccw permit.

Last year, my issue was that I wanted to use C++ rather than C, and go all out with the cool things I barely knew about the language, but found fascinating, with casting memory locations into packets, using templates to create socket classes that accepted udp or tcp style from the get-go, and even different packet formats, etc ... But the homework was far easier.

This year, the homework is harder ... and again, at some point, I decided to use C++ ... this time because I actually know what the hell I'm doing. My mistake was time usage.

It's time to use that one-time-only-get-out-of-jail-free-card and contact the registrar office to zero out my class credits this semester. (Thank you, Bilal, for explaining to me how that works. Man I'd be so lost if I didn't know about that.)

Here's an old-school kung-fu movie exercise : BLUDDY FISTU !
You simply practice hitting the wall until your fists hurt and your eyes humidify themselves.

Ye gods. Please help.
Deus Ex Machina ?

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Happy Easter, you Christians.
Happy Passover, you Jews.

For everyone else, Happy Day.

My needs must finish implementing a reliable socket layer over UDP/IP (re: a weak version of TCP/IP)

I'm five hours and fourteen minutes in front of the 11:59pm deadline for electronic turn-in.

I'll make it in time.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

In reply to a seperate blog post, one of the important uses for the discussion of artificial intelligence in science fiction is to reflect upon aspects of our own humanity from a more external perspective.

Ulak, in reply to your response, (4/3/4) :
Nicely phrased. I agree with you on evolution, although it should be noted that charisma, good looks, and credit ratings now govern survival of the fittest, allowing not-so-nice genes to spread.
A trek towards universal maturity (or the greatly feared opposite) might depend on how strongly members of tech-friendly societies can stave off overdoses of hedonism. There are now far more means of escape than sex and drugs by which one can house the self in stunted personal growth, walled by socially acceptable addictions, and roofed by poverty. One should look beyond enculturation as looking beyond the self. We can start that trek when great teachers are idolized over great singers, and individuals choose/create/produce their communities rather than vice versa. Abilities that supposedly seperate humans from beasts should seperate communities and organizations from amoebae and destructive parasites.
Now, I must ask: what is your vision of enlightenment as a species ?

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Loki's Day is tomorrow.

Are you ready ?

Be prepared.

Academic Law #4:

Sleep never comes when you really want it or need it, yet it never fails when you must stay awake.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

And for my next trick done in ms-paint :

Saturday, March 27, 2004

;-) A new image by yours truly, and not affiliated in any way with, except for the fact that rocks, and it's a cool search engine.

Um I took it down for a few days ... but , like the comment below says, it's a parody, there's no representation behind this parody, not even the name. Not to mention the fact that they're just colored, anti-aliased, shadowed, and single-white-light-source-in-upper-left-hand-corner reflected letters. So, yeah ... I was finally able to get some better image-editing tools to make a better-looking O :-)

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

4/3/4 update: This post was spurred by Mike1's pet finite-state-machine, otherwise known as a tamagachi.
You can't escape my notions of wanton ambiguity without leaving this page or changing the focus. I dare you ... At least for this post. I dismantled the gates and sent my watcher home early today. Refresh your eyeballs and then come back when your bowels are empty and stomach is not, since your car doesn't do well with clogged pipes and reserve gas tanks. Do you think consciousness can skip several billion years of evolution ? Or does technology count as just another product of those years ? If so, then when is something alive ? William Gibson's Neuromancer gives birth to some of the ideas that shaped The Matrix, and, from the A.I.'s perspective, deals with the psychology of being so brilliant that you've reached disturbing limitations and safeguards to keep your intelligence in check - something that actually is just one aspect of the human condition. Try to contest this point with me, and I'll show you you're a hellofalot smarter than you think... Much in the same Duke Nukem 3d's integrated deathmatch bots were far too powerful on default. They'd strafe perfect circles around one another (and you) ... blasting away with 100% accuracy, but don't even know it. Watching them play is like watching a ballroom filled with Bruce Campbell clones (but do they know ?) wearing sunglasses, holding loaded weapons, shouting taunts ... and yes their circling duels are ... almost like dancing.

This day was brought to you in part by life lessons eleven, twelve, twenty-one, and twenty-two.

As I walked across an unmarked, uncontrolled intersection lawfully with my co-worker and friend, we cut off an old man in a truck, forcing him to slow down from 20 or so meters (imagine one turtle cutting in front of another in an intersection, and you get the idea of what I mean.) As we walked, I noticed him staring directly at me as if to say something against us. I stared back and said to his watchful eyes, "Yeah, I'm staring back !"
He drove into the lightly trafficked street, and turned into the next parking lot we were walking by (fortunately seperated by a metal fence), stepped out of his car, walked up to the fence till his face nearly touched the bars and started to give us his hastily rendered speech to whom he felt were the representatives (us) of all who jaywalk and get in front of cars and trucks in heavily trafficked areas. (but not in so many words, and certainly not as nicely put.)
I was as polite with him as if I was a retail employee dealing with a customer, just to shit with him, and then I ignored him after the first few exchanges. I felt sorry for him -- when he calmed down, he might've realized that I didn't give him the argument he was looking for , and how one-sided the fool was. (Since he seemed like a normally reasonable fellow.)
Thinking someone represents a whole subset of people without any officiality is one of the biggest and dumbest and unfortunately most common misconception that humans have. Religous zeal, superiority, mysogeny, etc, etc ... activists/terrorists, leaders, and everyday people do this, and it's just one of the things that disgusts me. Fortunately, I know that not everyone does this. And these individuals do not speak for the whole ;-)
I had a productive day on the economic and family ends, but not so much on the personal end. I vow to enhance and improve. Peace, love, good fortune, and success to one and all. Good day to you on the other side of the world, and to everyone else ... good night.

PS -- Ah yes ... my job ... and M's job ...
well, it's not really a job ... more like compensation in computer parts and having fun 10 hours a week in all that's tech-related. In concert with our efforts, we are given our own office ... the techie playground, brought to you in full by Dave, the Boss (techie/phone-hacker at heart)
So far, on the job, the three of us have hooked up 4 computers at once by calibrating 4 wireless usb sensors to one wireless mouse and one wireless keyboard, taken apart a computer monitor plug to replace the pins, put together a few computers, and analyzed some hard drive problems.
I have this to say, regarding simple text extraction and analysis from everyday digital literature:
1.) Microsoft Word documents usually have little else in them that lies in the range of grammatical characters aside from the content written by the user. Most extra unchecked phrases and keywords can be caught by an exclude list that either removes header and footer info, or just removes the actual keywords, which is a bit more risky, considering the fact that any given plaintext keyword could be a legit piece of the document.

2.) Abiword documents have a plaintext syntax, much like teX, RTF, and html documents, which can also be filtered out in the same manner.

For instance, here is an average line of RTF text:
(the characters \{ denote an escaped bracket character, and action denotes standard text. everything that's either a command or could be confused with the syntax can be escaped with a \
\par {\loch\f0\fs24\lang1033\i0\b0 Action \{ \{ action \}actionactionactionactionaction \}action action actionactionactionactionactionAction action actionactionactionactionaction action action actionactionactionactionactionAction action actionactionactionactionaction action action actionactiona

And check out this segment of Abiword text !!
<p style="Default" props="margin-top:0.0000in; margin-left:0.0000in; text-indent:0.0000in; dom-dir:ltr; margin-bottom:0.0000in; line-height:1.000000; text-align:left; margin-right:0.0000in"><c props="font-family:Times New Roman; font-size:12pt; lang:en-US; text-position:normal; font-weight:normal; font-style:normal; text-decoration:none">\Action action actionactionactionactionaction action action actionactionactionactionaction.</c></p>

The only documents that require more in-depth handling seem to be specially encoded or zipped documents, OpenOffice documents (and variants), and PDF files. As soon as I get more info on those formats, I'll deal with them as well ! :-)

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Wouldn't you know it ... I just figured out how easy it is to do it myself. All that time wasted ! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh !
Update: okay, it's in a friendly zip format:
The creator's website is linked by the image in the post below.
I've also added it to the links section of this page.
I didn't put it in the downloads section, since I didn't make it !
I searched long and hard for this. But I finally found it. All I wanted to do was read in various documents of different formats. I'll post a zip file verison later on, since the folder seems to be in a mac/bsd format that doesn' t unzip correctly for windows users ...

A multi-format document parsing library: [SWISH++]

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Unreal Tournament 2004 is what you get when you cross a Quentin Tarantino project with a John Madden videogame, and add a healthy dose of George Lucas. Simply Glorious. I just wish I had time to play it.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Happy Saint Patrick's Day !

[03/14/2004::20:57:33] Mike: Hi
[03/14/2004::20:57:50] Mike: What would it be like if I did 2 tabs of acid, and a normal ammount of X?
The X would make me snuggly and yiffy with strangers, but the acid would make me see things.

I'd probably end up f***ing a cactus or a park bench.
[03/14/2004::20:59:16] Me: LOL !!!!!!!!

A "Dear Abby" Laugh : My sister caught this one a few days ago, but it seems she's not the only one :-) On Monday, March 15th, 2004, A person summarized a Simpsons episode in a letter to "Dear Abby" as if Marge had written the letter. Hilarious. And apparently, it's not the first time, either.

Spring Break is halfway over, y'all, and I've still got a lot of homework to do.

I'm just ticked that the Dawn of the Dead Opening day got shifted to Friday.

Monday, March 15, 2004

Found this funny lil' gem at
Real Search Engines use birds.

Oooh ... and some new Googlisms for y'all, straight from the source !

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Life Lesson #32: (I obviously didn't create this one, but I always point out when they're not from my own thoughts -- and they're always of my own phrasing. )
Parkinson's Law: Prioritizing your work (effective time management) is like accessing water ; if you don't tap it correctly, you'll be flooded with wasted water.
A more humorous version:
Time is like oxygen ... most people don't notice it unless they need it :-)

Definitely a life lesson :-)

Sunday, March 07, 2004

On Drunken and Temporarily Insane Earthpigs who possess unfathomable powers, Lavos and Time Travellers, Manabeasts, Prophecied Thieves and Trickster Gods, Skeleton Men of Jupiter, Patryns and Sartans, Beasts of Cthulu, Psychohistorians, God-Soldiers and Ohmu, Borg, The Wit and The Skill, Wizard's First Rule, Tsurani, Dweomer, The Legions of the Black Company, The Order of Recluse, The Styric Faith, The Belgariad, The DragonBone Chair, The Land saved by White Gold, Childe Harold and the Dark Tower, Shelled Reptile Assassins of Eastern influence, The Hegemon and Speakers of the Dead, Hogwarts Alumni, Daleks, Snow Crash, Wizards of White and Grey, Wintermute AI and Cyberspace Cowboys, Descendants of Shannera, Deveels and Pervects (not Perverts), Nigh-invunerable Madmen wearing Tick suits (who, I might add, are eerily similar to Nigh-Invunerable Madmen wearing Roach suits who follow Drunken and Temporarily Insane Earthpigs who possess unfathomable powers), Deus Ex Machina, Insane Gods of the Forgotton Realms, The Worlds of Otherland and DotHack, Twin Legends of Krynn, Myrddraal, Interplanetary Spies, Stainless Steel Rats, Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons, Scarecrow Kings and wind-up soldiers, The Kin of the Stars, Saiyans, Cross-Galaxy Express Trains, Books of Magic, The Man of Sand and his Sister of Death, The Life and Times of Christopher Snow, The War of Lodoss, Those who are free of Mundania, The Wings of Escaflowne, A Ring of Ice and Fire, The Avatar and the Guardian, and all things that never were, combined with history, science, art, belief, and politics.

For each story, there are many more unnamed, better and worse, old and new. For each history, there is only so much space spent to store such knowledge. For each author there is a web of ideas that sprouted from experience, observation, analysis, and other works. For each work of brilliance, a new way of thinking emerges ... some works are built on the past, while others are built from the void. Some are for profit, some are for restorative justice of the self, and others are born of familiarity. We fill our minds with so much and so little. We fill our dreams with so much and so little. Will fill our destinies with so much and so little. Are you in the Thesaurus, the Dictionary, the Encyclopedia ? Who are you ? What do you mean ? What is your purpose ? What is your life ? Is it also your death ?

Can you tell the difference between derivation and creation ?
What of your own works ?

This post goes out to writers, researchers, inventors, composers, and musicians.

Oh, and if you can name all the authors/screenwriters/concept-originators referenced by their works above, I'll give you a prize :-)

Saturday, March 06, 2004

Free Hosting at Netfirms
100mb & Free Hosting and free ACCESS database hosting at 1aspHost

100mb & Free hosting and PHP4 hosting at CoolFreePages. But be careful with this last one, it appears they ask you if you want your home page set to something new, a classic sign of spam.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Coincidence, Luck, Fate, and Fortune ...

The other day I found myself in a gas station telling a friend that a $5 scratch-off ticket is not worth the ink printed on a $5 bill, and a $10 ticket is just $5 more worthless. Well, we discussed it just long enough that I spent $5 to prove my point - Yes, I bought a Gold Rush scratch-off ticket.

Betting on the fact that I wouldn't make a dime, I also promised that I'd never gamble again if I didn't win anything on that ticket. I figured every time I'd consider buying a scratch-off ticket, I'd store that money for later.

X-D That ticket netted me $50. |:-P

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Sunday, February 29, 2004

The Oscars. hmm.

Whatever happened to Nobel prizes ? Notable Achievements? Hugo awards ? Ever heard of a Scientific Grammy/Oscar ?
How many science and knowledge related awards can you list off the top of your head ? When you get stuck, go here for an idea of how large this list truly is !
Okay. I updated all the life lessons, the polls, and the favorites list, although I bet I'll need to add a few more links to the links list. The downside to nicely hidden-away links is that no one notices them unless they click on the buttons.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

My lil gem-quote of the day :

"... That's why people created tech help forums ... it's so much easier to edit your kind and thoughtful words when a textbox, preview button, and miles of cyberspace are between you and a seriously abusive customer." :-D

Just added a donation button ... I'll squeeze the positioning more cleanly later.

Friday, February 20, 2004

Retrace the last year of your life and ask if it would be worth living over ... the exact same way, with the same decisions and events, only with the knowledge that you're reliving it. Now look at the next upcoming year of your life and compare the differences in your thoughts about the two subjects.
Instead of years, you could try months, days, and hours.

Millenium Actress : a very beautiful, charming, and well-thought-out movie. It had a few slow spots, and the beginning threw me off slightly, starting slowly, however the storytelling picked up momentum, and the story itself was told from a memorably original and unique perspective that I truly enjoyed.

Well then. The end of another week.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Some may say that it is better to analyze facts for details and ideas, rather than to detail ideas with analyzed facts.

While that is true, (after all, is not a hypothesis an educated guess based on observation ?) one cannot postulate without assumptions. The danger is not in making an assumption: only in not stating it,its scope, its basis, and/or its purpose.

Classes are getting tight. Homework bottlenecks are increasing. The crowd watches on in a hushed silence ... waiting . The unspoken question at the tip of everyone's tongue, "Can he do it ?" ... Well, HE ... COULD ... GO ... ALL ... THE ... WAY !

Get outta my way, maaaan.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Congrats,Haloscan ! 100,000+ members ! Who is the 100,000th member ? dataphage !

This is also a test of my installation of the trackback feature.
Check out Pete Holiday's post on how Haloscan received trackbacking through his code ... Or just check out his site, anyway -- it rocks, and he's got an interesting sense of humor.

Monday, February 16, 2004

There are times when you must ask yourself of your projects, investments, and hobbies, "Where's the payoff ?"
I simply ask myself, "WHEN?!?!?!!!"
So much to do ... I want to rip something (or someone) to pieces.

Monday, February 09, 2004

Out of all the free alternatives to Microsoft Office, to me, nothing so far has come closer than the combination of Open Office and Easy Office:
OpenOffice is awesome ... but buggy. Mainly, their formula editor makes my saved documents bite the dust. However, upon installing the freeware version of Easy Office, I found that I had a plethora of utilities at my disposal, (many of which shared underlying code with OpenOffice, but that's to be expected with freeware.) and I could still use the openoffice utilities from within EasyOffice via the "insert object" menu ! Not to mention I was able to succesfully save my previous OpenOffice homework assignments with the "formula editor" in Easy Office ! Rock on ! Unfortunately, nothing I've seen yet has come within miles of Microsoft Word's 2D-CAD-like drawing capabilities.
Sprint Broadband sucks. The network literally slows to a standstill during peak hours. Phone modems are much faster during these peak hours, especially v.92 modems, which can be daisy chained through multiple phone lines to offer decent speeds. Also, they can catch incoming phonecalls and do other nifty things. For the moment, cable is the best alternative, but keep in mind: 5 years down the road, it too is expected to lag during peak hours, so enjoy it while you can. Maybe they'll have v.94 modems out by then.'s Formula Editor is beautiful, but buggy as hell - Save often, and save under DIFFERENT names if you use that evil fucking thing: at some point (and it's usually at those critical moments), it will crash ... and it will save the component that made it crash inside that damn document, meaning if you try to copy, save, or export that document, with the offending component (often, that component is simply one single formula object amidst many.) then that component will crash OpenOffice.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Website Mixmaster It's a beautiful thing. Dig it.
Online Cryptography/Cryptoanalysis Utilities. Life savers.
The Error of Perception: The people around you are only as good as your perceptions of them :

You may often react and second guess them as you expect them to behave. Instead of using your mind to prescribe another's behavior, try categorizing and observing it, instead. Analyze and apply it to your thinking and, if necessary, to your actions as well. Social groups are costume parties, babe: no one is completely who they appear to be. Often as not, social masks are second skins : the wearer may not even be aware of it. Even more often, masks and skins are survival traits learned at a very early age, or created from trauma, and it may take some definite life changes/awakenings to expose our own skins and ask ourselves which ones are truly worth keeping -- and which fellow mask-wearers/perceptions are worth keeping.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Fixed the damn dual banner problem.

Got some updates, and a really weird dream.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Blogger isn't allowing positioning of their damnable ad-bar anymore.

Two banner ads on a page look rather ridiculous, don't you think ?

The page needs some redesigning, anyway.
Spring Classes:

CSC 477 : Intro to Computer Vision -- with Dr Kobus Barnard ... (This guy rules! Was my boss last semester !)

CSC 425 : Networking -- with Michael Degermark ... (Similar to Stephen Pink, which shouldn't be that much of a surprise since the two lecturers are in their own well-to-do business together. Essentially, they delve more into theory and knowledge than coding. )

MATH 445: Intro to Cryptography, with a coding emphasis :-D . Sadly, I don't know anything about this teacher just yet.

Fortunately, I have friends joining me in each and every class, so it should be a fun and exciting semester ;-)

I hope yours is, too !

Friday, January 02, 2004

Happy 2004 to you !