Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I love my streetboard.
Dimension Boards
The scene (at least part of it) for streetboarding.
It's time.

Time to prune the links in the link window. A life in continual transition of duplicate states creates a singular mess. Time to consolidate the things I need from the things I need not. I don't care either way. Call it a survival trait. Time is of the essence when you're amidst the set of mid-game states.

A thousand words for your senses. A picture for your troubles. A thought for your money. A penny for your illusions.

Familiarity breeds perceived similarity and comparison. Clarity breeds insight. Both can lead to true and false. But genotypes have ever been more important than phenotypes. Deep down, I have joy and care not for nomenclatures of emotion, trite template personas, and fools of past and future history. You can read the rest.

Ramble on, and fubar at will, commander. The audience has no eyes save those that it gave itself. The screen has ears and a mouth. Thoughts attack the wrenching twists of good, god, glory, and lies, while a paycheck is on the horizon, next to the rainbow. I've never liked the taste of candy canes.

Can you not tell the difference between staccato and legato ? Articulation .

Clarity ? Umm ...