Sunday, December 07, 2003

Times change, as people should. With the rise and fall of each year, month, and day, new challenges come at you like a rush of water, soaking you, pushing you, parting around you, and moving on. Why pause there to think about it ? Why not follow their example ? Who among us can disclaim that you are the sum of your actions ? Each new day brings you your sense of time and direction, along with whatever other senses you have been given. Time pushes you down an interconnecting path, as dynamic and unpredictable as electricity. With every person you meet, new cross-streets are visible to you, just as others disappear. The only constant you see is death; the black tunnel that all roads lead to, the other side of which is unknown. With all the twisting paths to explore, and such little time you have, this does not disconcert you: there is nothing that can be done about it, and thus time is naught but wasted thinking upon it.
Life is too short to be spent on foolish/hateful thoughts and empty promises.

I live now. Not five minutes ago. And I have no guarantee that I will live five minutes from now. I have confidence, and I am prepared, but I have no guarantee.

With asteroids from the belt swinging by our planet, solar winds from the sun to wipe away our magnetic protection, and a comet so large that every 3 decades or so, Earth passes through its tail a year after their orbits cross, all it would take to destroy our beautiful planet is a bit of gravitational pull in a bad direction. No collision necessary. Once the world understands this, maybe we'll finally have that “Star Wars” program, but that's neither here nor there. These are but a pair of many things that could make or break our lives.

Stop your lamenting, stop your guilt trips, stop your finger-pointing, stop your bickering, stop your manipulating, stop your lying, stop your cheating, stop your stealing, stop all of the bullshit. There just isn't time to do these things lest both life and its purpose wait in vain for your discovery.

Take a fucking chill pill, have some fun, and get over yourself.