Thursday, December 04, 2003

This is my first truly opinionated nothing in a very long time, so expect crap and a lot more of it:

*tap tap tap tap*
My sister smiles at me. "Stop it," she says. The glow from the TV illuminates her face like a spotlight.
I smile back at her. "Fuck off."
Harsh words. I'm fond of them. My friends tell me I've singlehandedly given the expression "sheeyit" a joyous connotation for them -- I always say it with a smile.

*tap tap tap tap*

I don't mean it, of course - my sister knows this, though; I just love rhythm. The music stops and starts, yet the beat can continue anywhere, anytime. And yes, I did stop for her, btw. It can be so annoying when you're watching tv to have someone tap on something . Seemingly hyperactive tendencies such as this one actually help soothe my mind. Thus I sit here in front of my monitor, tapping my thighs, tapping the keyboard, stalling my homework: if I wait patiently enough, the answers might just appear on the page for me. As of the past 2.6 hours, the only markings are blue horizontal lines -- but those were there to begin with. I am the goalie who picks daisies while the opposing team scores.
I can't understand why of all my choices, that I decided upon Computer Science as a major. Well, that's partially true ... I know my fate was sealed when my eyes first came across 4 people playing doom in a high school computer lab.
Back to the future - I look at my math homework now, and it's all gibberish to me. It isn't hard ... but it ain't that easy, either. As always, I know that upon reading Chapter [blah], everything will fall into order as miraculously as sorting a deck of cards by playing 52-pickup. Somehow, that statement alone has been the mantra that got me from high school to this point, relatively unscathed, if you don't count the # of times that the thread should've snapped ... y'know ... the one holding Damocles' sword ? You get better at dodging that way, anyway. Well, if it's his sword, then it might as well have been mine.
I thank god, my ancestors, and those who watch over me, that my writing skills have not diminished ... though as you can all tell, they are old and rusty. I'm not concerned, since I know they always polish well.
Times like these often force me to think of those who watch over me. I shouldn't ever forget about them. I'm not religious in the sense of some pre-packaged view ... but I still believe that there are beings in my corner of the universe who want to help me out ... and I'm calling upon them now to set some heavy action in motion, and help me ! Knowing me, I'm hoping they don't say, "It isn't hard ... but it ain't that easy, either. As always, I know that upon reading Chapter [blah], everything will fall into order." But better that than nothing at all :-D
Ock. It's Ten O'clock, and my rambling is incomplete. But I care not for the ramble so much as the exercise. Have fun, y'all. Maybe I'll get better at this, and maybe I won't. But I'll have fun doing so. :-)