Wednesday, November 19, 2003

He just alerted me that the IRC group is giving off a really big Fed Vibe ... go figure.
Now for the scary part:

A friend of mine found a list off IRC of complete personal information of MANY individuals across three years, as early as 2001 and as late as July of this year ... everything from where they work to their credit card info... and he's just begun the long and drawn-out process of alerting the individuals to their stolen information via 3rd person Sprint operators over the net.
Scary scary post of the day is right after this one.

Yesterday: we went to Phoenix to applaud my mother in a recognition of her excellence in teaching, it was a state-wide recognition of outstanding individuals in education, from students to graduates to teachers. The food was okay ... certainly not worth the $45 I paid for it, but food is food to me ... as long as it's healthy and doesn't taste bad :-D

Exciting and hectic day, today.

Earlier, my dumbass self locked my sister and I out of her car with that damned auto lock feature ... it was set to lock whenever the ignition turned on, and I had the front door open ... I walked out, slammed the door, and walked around to the other side ... and the door wouldn't open ... car's running, doors locked ... extra remote wouldn't work because the car was turned on. lovely

I ended up paying $45 ... my own personal idiot tax. Pictures to come soon. ;-D

My sister dropped me off at school just in time for my math test ... a thriller, man ... a thriller.
Tests aren't supposed to replicate movies.

I realized I haven't been working at all. .. so, due to the fact that I had to post work hours today rather than tomorrow, I gave myself another 29 hours from Thursday to Sunday to look forward to, so I can finish up this particular project which has been haunting myself and fellow team-members, both of which have a lot more riding on this assignment than $ and grades ... think theses ! YES ! MORE THAN ONE !

I've been surfin' that streetboard everywhere I go ... and it's awesome ...

I even gave my sister a full one - hour session on it -- with her trying to get the movement down, amd me holding my arms out ready for a quick bear hug in case she should fall. Funny, but she was able to pick up the beginning steps faster than all of my friends !!! :-D

What's even funnier, so was my neighbor, Jenny -- even though she didn't get very far, I think it was due to the fact that she had some snowboarding experience which helped.

At any rate, I need to start sending copies of this video tape sent to me on streetboarding to the local stores ... maybe I can get a profit out of it, especially when demoing this baby.
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