Saturday, November 15, 2003

Life Lesson #31 : Don't complicate things. Just don't.
On Friday night, we brought the compy (and the streetboard) to Mike2's to spend the night. We decided to have a LAN party, using the following ingredient list:
Unreal Tournament GOTYE
GL Quake
Chicago: the movie
Blazing Saddles: the movie
#2 decent compies
#1 cable connection
#4 single-serving mudslides
#1 24 oz Mike's Hard Lemonade
#1 Bottle of Champaigne
#2 cups of 69 proof Lemon Liquor (cheap shit)
#?? of Amaretto (with ice cream)

We had a blast. Happy & drunk. And I have photos to prove it.

Saturday: Hangover hell.

Saturday morning, Patricia and Cora got in touch with us at 10 in the morning.

That whole day, I was really mellow -- and completely out of it. And everyone hated it. =D In fact, Cora put me into a headlock, and dragged me 15 feet, following up with a nuggie on my hair (all knuckles), in an attempt to wake me up.
It worked. For awhile.

Mike dressed up as Sanosuke from Rurouni Kenshin, for the TASS Screening. :-D He didn't look too bad, so most people did a double take when looking at him before realizing he wasn't wearing normal clothes.

We hung out with the girls, and cruised the mall for a few hours -- but we ended up dropping them off before going to TASS -- Patricia couldn't go since she needed to be with her family.

The Tucson Animation Screening Society screening was fun & slightly boring, even though many great shows were featured, and many conversations were thoroughly explored. I spent most of my time riding the streetboard.

Later on, I met up with Noel, and before we left TASS, we ran into a man named Don, who sparked a bizarre, yet memorable conversation.
Following that incident, we stopped by Patricia's place, said hi, picked Cora up, and headed back to Noel & Cora's.

There we stayed for an hour, playing Midnight Club #2, and at 10, arrived back here, at Mike2's place ... where we are now - just kickin' it till 11:30pm, and then back home I go.