Tuesday, November 04, 2003

"Okay, so how does this relationship thing work? I'm lost ! :-)"

Interesting Halloween Friday. Some good, some bad. It had the potential to be awful, but since I was hanging out with the right group of people, it was awesome.
But since I don't have a lot of time to spare , and this summation has already taken too long to write, and because I've got two assignments due tomorrow, one test, and a project at work to finish, here's Patricia's well-assessed recount of our Halloween night !

But I will talk about the weekend as a whole. We weren't able to follow with tradition ... the midnight graveyard picnic ... but I guess I'm the only one that has a different purpose for being there ... but from now on, that reason will be in the forefront of my mind, instead of a side-quest, like the ones you get bored finishing in rpgs. Respect the dead.
They lived, they fought, they died ... and a great deal of them did so for reasons greater than themselves.

Of all the weekends to watch "Gangs of New York" my parents chose El Dia de los Muerdos !

Now, for those of you who don't know ... that movie is based upon a lot of fairly accurate information for New York in the 1830's & 40's, dealing with the immigrants arriving from various places.

And also, I should tell you that I've got the blood of many different types of people running through my body ... from the African continent to immigrants, and even colonial Americans, this movie has a lot of significance to me.

In one sense, "the blood stays on the blade": without a doubt, many of your own ancestors fought for what they believed was right ... and for you to be here ... if you misuse your time on Earth ... then what does that say about their efforts ?

But how we fulfill our destinies is still up to us -- how we view our responsibilities has always been up to us. So at the very least, you would be fulfilling your part by simply respecting and honoring the dead.

Unfortunately, my mother must be afraid that I am clueless in regard to spirituality, because she's doing everything but whacking me over the head with the universe, and throwing meaning and symbolism left and right ... (As if they were physical objects ! Imagine that :-p ) this morning, one small phrase from my lips was enough to send her into Thich Nhat Hanh lecture-mode ! :-)