Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Life Lesson #27:

Folks, please ... don't play frogger with the damn car.
You are playing games on the road I drive.
Here are a few new life lessons I came up with, but didn't really realize I had done so until yesterday.

Life Lesson #28:
Just because you're an adult doesn't mean you don't think in patterns -- anticipate what you're really trying to do, before you act.

Life Lesson #29:
Aphorisms are only good to a point -- they don't have to be true to sound wise.

Life Lesson #30:
Don't base your ego on unstable, subjective traits, else it, too will be unstable and subjective.

Now I'm off for 3AM breakfast !
Finished with late homework ... again. This has got to stop. Linear Algebra homework is next. Goin' off to the waffle house to get some food and finish linear algebra.
Heheheheheh... I just got a message from my boss, asking to meet him today, in about 13.5 hours about work and the end of the current project ... HA ! WORK ! Let me tell you .... **snoooooore**


what was I saying ?