Saturday, October 25, 2003

Yet another traditional journal entry ... and another interesting day :-D

Yes, I hear the new Athlon chips now smoke the G5. A friend was explaining to me how he would be playing Unreal Tournament, then camp in a corner, switch over to a movie (and have UT still playing in the background) and suddenly he'd hear shots being fired, and swap back in time to kick some ass ... it's simply wrong I tell you ! The guy's got some major firepower ! But the mobo and cpu alone costed him about $1500 *cringe* but apparently the best place to go for computer components is Fry's up in Chandler.

I got my CSC quiz back on Thursday .... 20/20 ... yippee, but then, it was a pretty easy test.

In Trad104 we got to handle replicas of early hominid skulls :-D.

Between Thursday night and Friday morning, I was somehow able to break my writer's block to finish a 5-page essay that was due at 1:00pm Friday ... whew ! My saving grace was actually switching topics ! I had to rewrite my essay from scratch, and I did it ! I was so stoked that I felt nothing was going to stop me from going out that night and having a blast ! And absolutely nothing stopped me :-D !

The essay dealt with similarities between humans and chimpanzees ... It wasn't until later on that night that I realized the perfect analogy for the bonobo Kanzi's grasp of the english language (but too late to add it to the essay ): it's akin to the way people understand art, music, or relationships ... you can teach a person to be an expert at analyzing music, to play an instrument with amazing skill, and even give them as many resources and lessons on composing as you wish, but while the knowledge helps tremendously, it certainly doesn't gaurantee that person will create good music. The same is true for art . And in relationships, heck, *I* have a lot of great information, but personal experience ? Nooooo . Thus, between learning new material and using it, there can sometimes be a gap where you understand it, but can't apply it.

Rueben and Patricia came by to pick me up at around 7-ish, whereupon the 2nd time in a long time, my mother decides to let me go out and have fun right there on the spot ... I think it was because Patricia was there ... if there wasn't a girl there, then my mother wouldn't have wanted to say hi, and wouldn't have wanted to make sure that all my business at home was taken care of X-D heheheh.
So we went out to pick up Ambre, Rueben's girlfriend, and then stopped at Mainstreet, where we played pool, ddr, (on a slightly foobarred pad -- must've been from all those other guys slamming their feet down on the poor machines, but hey, that was what they were designed for ! So we sorta stopped playing ddr after that.) Ms. Pacman, etc ... we met a friend of Patricia's, Stephanie ... a real interesting character there ... definitely competetive ... the first time I was able to recognize an "alpha" female, before ... it was rather interesting & slightly disheartening to see the dynamics ... but I'm not going to make a discussion of that here.
At about 10:00 we thought about where to go next, and first thought of Borders Bookstore, but then I thought about going to Golf 'n' Stuff to play Bumper Boats -- what the hell was I thinking ?! Why waste more money ?! And the other issue was that most games are inherently conflict-oriented because there's almost always someone who's winning or losing, and someone who's really skilled or really unlearned.
So we went to Golf 'n' Stuff, I bought 3 tickets for bumper boats, originally one for me & Patricia, one for Stephanie, and one for Rueben and Ambre, but since Rueben weighs too much for two, the guy allowed us each to get on our own boats -- even so, Patricia wouldn't get in a boat ... but that actually turned out to be the more well-thought out course of action, considering my pants were soaked by the end of the ride via Stephanie and Ambre, and Stephanie's purse got uber-wet via the revenge of Yours Truly :-D , but I felt really guilty about it the rest of the night ... It was awesome, too ... at the beginning I walked around to pick the boat with the fasted revving motor, got in, and for some reason, while I'm still formulating strategies for the best way to splash other people without getting myself wet, I've certainly mastered the art of navigation :-D. The boats and the course are both bigger and more enjoyable than at Funtasticks, which means that is the only ride which beats Funtasticks, hands down :-D. After that we didn't have time to go eat, (Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, this is why things need to be planned out) and we had to drop Patricia off, since she had a looong day yesterday, and worse yet, is beginning an even longer day, today ... as she's going to be spending 6 hours on the road . On the way to dropping Stephanie off, we talked about puppy love syndrome ... essentially when a guy has never been in a relationship before and suddenly there's a girl which really knocks him off his feet, or when a guy has had a lot of relationships and dates, but never anyone who really 'clicked' for him until he met *her*.
In either case, the result is the same ... one can essentially think of a person with puppy love as a G-rated stalker :-D . He can't control his feelings, gets too close, too fast, and she has to let him know that he crossed the line ... most guys who are newbies at relationships must go through this at some point ... I did last year ... which fortunately immunized me from further puppy love syndrome attacks.
At any rate, Stephanie related some details that she just recently broke off an engagement a month ago, and also was supposed to go on a date tonight but the guy just completely backed out on the same night ... which sounds awful, and certainly explained some of her actions that night -- but after she left, Ambre revealed that it's pretty easy for her to see when some people are fibbing (or maybe she was fibbing :-D ), due to the changes in voice tone, and thinks it's obvious -- and told us that she thinks Stephanie was stretching the truth a bit ... so that makes another mystery.
Time to get to work.