Wednesday, October 22, 2003

The first traditional journal entry in a very long time ... Interesting day, today .
The Media Zone at the ILC opened today ... door prizes and all that ... good stuff ... a woman who calls herself "Psymbiote" who installed a whole bunch of bio-info monitoring equipment on her body gave a speech there regarding the role of technology in the continued "conscious" evolution of mankind. That was awesome and unexpected. A nice guy there won a prize, a book on Maya 5, and just promptly handed it over to me ... he said his reasoning was that he knew I wanted it badly ... wow . I reminded him that it was a $70 book, but he was intent, and who am I to turn down such a generous offer ? :-D
at any rate, I also had fun with the new computers there ... I think they're G5's!! -- currently the fastest machines on the planet ... they even have dvd-r drives ... PUBLIC UNIVERSITY COMPUTERS WITH DVD-RECORDABLE DRIVES ... AND THEY'RE FASTER THAN ANY OTHER FREAKIN' COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE ON THE PLANET !!! THE PLANET ! Although that'll probably change with the other major chip-makers' 64-bit machines.
Anyway, my first song has finally been approved by and the other will follow, I'm sure ... Still waitin' on my Dimension-AS2 to get here, and tryin' to maintain a budget ... but damn ... kinda hard when you're working part-time ! :-D but I can't complain ! I just can't complain ! I'm typing this as I await my mother's return from her meeting, but since she's here now, it's time to pack up and go !