Thursday, September 11, 2003


Notice the words "under god" are not there. My notion of 'god' is that God chooses who is under God.
I am NOT Christian (although I find the bible fascinating ... it's a sacrificial religion), nor Islamist (any god that has even the notion of martyrdom is NOT MY GOD ... and the same goes for Christianity), nor Jewish (Any God that places one set of people above the rest is not my god ), nor Atheist (although I find their stance refreshing), nor Agnostic (take a step further guys. define your own beliefs), nor Buddhist (although I respect and observe a few of their practices), nor Wiccan (If you're a witch, then show me some practical magic ! ), nor Ba'hai (although I find the virtues fascinating), and not Satanist (although it's true that the defined Satanism has nothing to do with Satan, but I just don't give a shit ) ...

My own, separate religious philosophy is that I never ever kill any of God's creatures.
(mosquitos and flies excluded)

No matter what mistakes our leaders make, no matter how much we may hate them and/or their staff members ... remember, every few years is another chance to change.

But we still have our patriotism: our faith, at least in ourselves. But what does that mean, exactly ? It's one thing to say, "Go team!" and another to continuously engage in a representative government. Like ALL community-shared things, everyone must respect it, or else we'll all lose it . Not because of 'evil', which as always, is a relative term, but because people are stupid, and disrespectful of any property shared on a large scale : "It's not up to me, so why bother ?" "WTF, do you think my throwing a soda can out the window is going to affect pollution ?" "Sheeyit, I mean to vote ... but I never do..." "Why bother with the government when you can't change a damn thing about it, anyway?"
I hate those kinds of people. Am I a hypocrite? Maybe. But I'm sayin' somethin'.

"Why do these evil terrorists kill themselves in order to hurt people ?"
Vengeance. Bloody, bloody vengeance.

If I had little left to live for, I'd probably want to go over to the middle east and exact my own vengeance upon Bin Laden for what he did ... (now just for a second, let's switch over to the Middleast ... we have young people ANGRY over the deaths upon deaths and destruction of the land ... you can try to tell them it's for the good of their country, but all they know is that their family members and/or friends are killed, and/or their accumulated wealth/work is gone. What to do now except exact vengeance ?)

To Bush: Educating citizens and people all around wouldn't have costed $82 billion. And I hate to say it, but Black Ops seem (at least to me) to be more appealing than ever. But why don't they happen ?!
WHY NOT SPEND $82 BILLION on Computer Vision ?! LADAR and LIDAR technology is advanced enough that, using approximate locations and recognition software, we could get readouts of possible Bin Ladens and Husseins running around: even though it would take several powerful computer clusters to brute force through all the data, once the setup (computers, ground, air ) was complete, they'd have the most sophisticated "Big Brother" system ever conceived -- Come ON, people ... $82 BILLION DOLLARS ! Did at the height of his stock's worth, did Bill Gates ever even have $82 Billion ?!