Wednesday, August 20, 2003

I suppose I can load up a very, very, old song (did I mention extremely old ? Well, okay, it's not that old since I finished it in 2001, but I started it in '97 ! I was still a Junior in High School !) that I made when first learning to use the various freeware sound trackers out there ... In fact, I will ! This one was made with Fast Tracker 2, but I think I'll just post the mp3 for copyright's sake ... I'm the only one that has the perfect line-for-line xm module of the song, complete with full instrument files, and after all, most of the instrument files I used were taken from other people. But that means I'll also have to post up the comments from the xm file to the mp3 file. Well, I'll have it up shortly for your enjoyment (and/or laughter).

Before I give the link, you must remember that I started the song in '97 and then left it untouched until I finished in 2001 ! Remember !
Um ... after further thought, I've got the mp3 version here now. Dueling Pianos: a 50-cent samba and it's a really stark contrast to my other song, This IS Fruit Loops since one is jazz and the other is industrial ... but the problem is that Dueling Pianos is unequalized and the panning is absolutely horrible ... (aka: the overall sound doesn't mesh well, and the "dueling pianos" aren't separated out, so it sounds like 2 people on one piano. But worry not ! I'll change it later ... one day when homework is due, and I'm completely freaked out and losing sanity ... in other words, two weeks, latest. :-D )
Heh, this song's got a lot of history, a lot of would-be additions and extra parts that never made it into the final cut ... but I left one part in there, just for the heck of it: a rogue spasmatic trumpet solo right in the middle of the song ... and it appears no where else in the whole song ! :-) Totally out of place, but it made such a great segue that it had to stay ... I might change it to piano later on, but it's funny enough to leave in for now :-)
School is approaching fast. Soon the days of endless work, fear, life lessons, and overblogging/commenting shall come again. :-D
A certain friend of mine has finally made a blog, and out of all my close friends, this is the one I've been waiting for the longest. Without further ado, here is his introduction !

Also, I'd like to point out his currently most recent post which is by far, one of the most interesting posts I've read in awhile, and not just because I make an appearance in it :-D.

In other news:
Okay, I said I'd have the details soon, but whups. How about this ... I'm really planning out two songs ... which might actually become one song ... the first is a mechwarrior2-style : a hard, kickass drumbeat with some light industrial sounds + classical music instruments and beatnick instruments. The second is a "Rage-against-the-machine" style which is titled, "Teddy Bear". I'm thinking about combining the two and making the overall result 'jammable' ... or basically playable with a band, in simple variants for an extended length of time, just for the sake of playing good music together.