Sunday, August 03, 2003

The News !

You're not only what you eat, but also what your momma ate when you were her womb-mate !

The Ozone layer is supposedly showing signs of recovery ! This is wonderful news, considering if the sun ever sends a large enough wave of radiation during one of its 11-year peaks, it could easily wipe out our protection if the layer is weak enough ... which means after one night of spectacular northern lights visible from every part of the planet that the sun doesn't reach, we all burn up and die at first sunlight, like vampires, looking like roasted chicken.

This is NOT unbiased news. It's reporting of several different bits and pieces to present an overall point. I agree with the overall point, but as far as the reporter's view of everything else, I'm disgusted. The people he wrote about ... they were making prejudiced judgements about individuals based on their heritage (parents were complaining of a white teacher teaching a class on black history, when in actuality, the black teacher who normally teaches the class simply had a schedule conflict, and wth kind of a title for a class is BLACK HISTORY ?! That's like giving a class on Asian History ... there's just TOO MUCH ! That is the vaguest title I've heard ! Do they mean Black History in America?), well after that, the reporter decided to make his own comment, but in doing so, he made the same damn dumb mistake, grouping up individuals with their heritage, in a horrible attempt at refuting something that one of the protesting parents complained about.

He also added information on Mike Long's really stupid arguments against a public school for gay, transgender, bisexuals, etc ...
As far as that's concerned, the better argument is the fact that the school would be far too much of a target for hate crimes; come on, the school is in NEW YORK! It's really too bad that the conservative fool never even realized what the point of the school was for : so that people with alternate lifestyles could learn to accept who they are, and learn more about themselves, and learn that they're not alone. It's still dangerous : they'd need a lot of security. Interestingly enough, Mark Steyn, (the reporter) makes a good point about this:it is a high school ... will the main focus still be on college/work preparation, or self-esteem ?
Still, I doubt it would be self-esteem ... I suppose they'll just have extra classes on mental health -- the segregated school in itself might be enough, as long as it has adequate funding : I highly doubt that the graduates of that school will be blowing their brains out any time soon (as opposed to living with a "don't ask, don't tell, and we won't beat the shit out of you" policy), and what's more, they might just come out with better education than other public schools.

Near the end, he finally makes his startlingly clear point, which I agree with : No one is focusing on the most important issues of school reform.
Why worry about it, anyway? School only acts as a catalyst of growth and development in giving people a better understanding of how they perceive the world in which they live. only.
The rate things are going, why even bother with high school at all ?