Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Before you read this, I must tell you that I don't really wear glasses.

[07/29/2003::23:17:00] mghall2: did I ever show u Man Faye
[07/29/2003::23:17:05] mghall2: http://www.cosplayuniverse.com/cosplay/manfaye/gallery/1/page1.html
[07/29/2003::23:17:35] mghall2: warning may cause a bunning sensation in the eyes
[07/29/2003::23:17:41] Jtoxification: heheheh
[07/29/2003::23:18:22] Jtoxification: I saw man -faye ... IT'S WHY I NOW WEAR GLASSES LIKE YOU, YOU BASTARD !
[07/29/2003::23:18:25] Jtoxification: :-)
[07/29/2003::23:18:46] mghall2: heres ruebens respons
[07/29/2003::23:19:03] mghall2: RjgSqll: OH GAWD
RjgSqll: MY EYES
RjgSqll: MY EYES
mghall2: he was worse iN RL
RjgSqll: AHHHH
RjgSqll: THE ASS|
RjgSqll: THE ASS
[07/29/2003::23:19:17] Jtoxification: LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[07/29/2003::23:19:41] mghall2: I got to link that on my blog
[07/29/2003::23:19:46] Jtoxification: hehehehe
[07/29/2003::23:23:03] Jtoxification: already done :-D
[07/29/2003::23:23:54] mghall2: yep
[07/29/2003::23:24:39] mghall2: lol http://www.cosplayuniverse.com/cosplay/manfaye/fayeandbush.jpg