Saturday, July 12, 2003

Whoo ! Starry-eyed suprise ! Sunrise ! Yesterday was the first day of Monsoon season ! WHOOP ! And it was awesome ! Today is the 4th day of the high-sodium regimen! While I'm slightly dubious of the sodium's benefits, I saw first-hand yesterday that higher blood pressure is indeed what I need ;-) ... when I get angry or worried, I'm betting that my blood pressure starts to rise, and I suddenly become more awake and alert ... in fact, that's probably why I'm usually so alert to begin with when I go out with my friends, and then mellow out ... my blood presssure raises to an acceptable level for a short period of time.
At home, we switched out wall-sconces, moved furniture around, had a guy come by to deep-clean and smooth the carpets connecting to the tile, and I went over to the UA via M2, who really saved my ass yesterday, and we solved my current paycheck issue ... the fact that I'm not getting one for ANOTHER two weeks ! (heh, simply more $ for me next time around.)
My gov't insurance decided to drop me on the grounds that I'm making too much money... I need to let those idiots know that this is most likely a temporary summer job, and even if it IS continual, (which would just rock so much) it's gonna get cut down to 15 hours when school starts !
Today is also story day ! I get to write another chapter !

Warning! Before you read below this line, realize that underneath the previously introduced line are the ramblings of a young man who has just finished 8 straight hours of coding while he should've been sleeping. While I'm sure this will not amaze you, (well, if you're a CS-major/alumni, it sure as hell won't) you should remember exactly what happens to those who offer stories during moments of incoherency ... more incoherency !
Got done coding for work a few minutes ago, and I'm not even sure if all the shit I went through was even worth the effort. I mean, half of the work was simply tuning the source file to various coding conventions ... and very little of it was actual optimization work ... and what's more, even some of my best optimizations turned out to have messed with the damn automatic conversions done with integers and floats in division and multiplication operations. I'm not a happy camper. But at least I'm done.
I still haven't gotten a reply from my boss yet about the forking/pthreading.

Dammit, I was also supposed to talk to Agent Smith yesterday about digitizing B&W VHS footage that my boss has for a Computer Vision project, since Smith is a techie lord especially in the arena of video capture -- everything was supposed to go smoothly last night ... M2, KJ, and I would go over to Agent Smith's Friday Lan Party, I could talk with Agent Smith about VidCap, then KJ and I could talk about C-Prime, then I could finish my work IN PEACE, away from the parents ! But nay, nay I say NAY ! I WENT NOWHERE LAST NIGHT ! I stayed home.
But at least I got that much ... I was finally able to convince the parents that it was in my best interest tonight to stay up and finish my work ...
Now, before you say, "Hey, momma's boy!" which, I actually am quite proud of, beotch,
I must explain to you that they charge me $$ for staying up late , and primarily because I am an incredibly noisy person ;-)

I had planned on going to see the helicopter launch today with the computer vision code and all that ... but I drained my batteries last night ... the little LED display on my forehead is showing Zero of Three bars ... I need to recharge badly. G'morning, all ! I hope you have fun watching the sunrise ! I know I am !