Thursday, July 10, 2003

Man, yesterday was awesome ! It was also the first day of my new doctor-recommended "high-sodium" diet :-D.
Rueben came over at 11 am, and helped us clean up the front room area -- the last major part of the house affected by the painting and tiling. After we finished, Rueben and I made like screeching tires ... and got the hell outta the house. We stopped by some apartments, and went out to Golf 'n' Stuff, where I got my DDR fix on. After I had sufficiently made a fool of myself (Actually my opinion has always been that there is a fine line between dancing and playing a video game ... unfortunately, most DDR players cross that line :-) , and end up looking like boobs ... I try not to let that happen and stay loose ... my friends keep on insisting that I look cool, but you never can tell unless you've got a video camera :-) , After that we decided to hit the batting cages for awhile, whereupon Rueben got hit in the arm with a rogue 80 mph softball, and I was successfully able to bat away a 60 mph softball aimed for my package ! At that point, we high-tailed it over to Funtastiks Fun Park ... where we decided to play some laser tag ! :-D heheheh. Erm, I can't remember, but according to Rueb, it was 3 teenage girls on Blue, 4 late teen, early 20's buff guys + a mother and child on red, and Rueben and I in yellow ... and the two of us kicked ASS ! we didn't get first place, but considering the fact that we were hopelessly outnumbered and the fact that we got such a high score just makes everyone else look that much worse :-D Damn, that was awesome !

After Lasertag, Funtastiks was pretty much closing down, so we decided to haul ass back to Golf 'n' Stuff, where we coincidentally met up with Alex and Eddie, who were there with their friends, Doug and Kylee .... it was awesome ... first, Alex and I had to complete our ritual table hockey game. Then we played miniature golf ... which actually allowed Rueb and I to stay out a bit later than planned, since I called home and, as Alex and Eddie put it, "I played the God Card," and told the parents we were playing miniature golf with Eddie, who happens to be a Youth Pastor for his church :-p heheheheh. Funny thing is that Neither Rueb nor I are particularly church-oriented ... I had to warn Rueb not to make any references to the band, Tool :-D especially not in Eddie's presence, who happened to be wearing a "Got Jesus?" t-shirt at the time :-p . And while we certainly had fun playing mini-golf... it just slowed everything down so much. In the end, I think we all got our miniature golf quota in for the current century! Anyway, I'm done.

Today, I code. And code, and code, and code ! :-) ttyl !