Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Today (Tuesday, Not really Wednesday -- NO, NOT YET !)
I've been ordered by my PCP to increase my sodium intake ... to increase my blood pressure.
My mother and I went to my doctors, today. And we finally got answers to some questions we've been wondering about for years, but since I was never able to fully express the problem before, I was never able to get to the answers.

This time, we were prepared. This time, we got answers.
For the next week, I'll be eating salty foods like there's no tomorrow.
(It's either that or take medicine that'll increase my blood pressure for me ... and where's the fun in that? )

After the week is a follow-up with the doctor to see the results, which is also the day before my father gets his kidney removed, which is also the day before code is due at work, which is also the day before HaloScan Free Commenting Service's First Birthday. Got the fingers crossed.