Saturday, July 05, 2003

We of the English language can split infinitives because they're phrases, not words. English ain't Latin. Get over it :-).
Wow. Summer is official. My posts have dwindled down to nil, Netshade's Brainrazor site is down, Katie is awhol, Cyn is on the road, and everyone else ... ? Well, hellz ... we're ... engaging ... in ... real ... life !
At some point you've just gotta stop and walk away for awhile -- Keep it from becoming an obsession: no one is forcing you to blog or visit other people's blogs ... although there is definitely something to be gained from doing so. I once stated that we're creating custom-stained windows for others to view our lives from ... we get to choose what they see, and in what colors they see it. It becomes a dual-addiction : instant conversation about a topic of your choice ... and an instant look into the minds, eyes, and ears of thousands of other people, at any time, anywhere there's an internet connection. We've had blog-like sites before blogs came out, but now that there's a format, the genre is exponentially more accessible.
Your car has less horsepower than you think. From Rueben.